pop quiz

A possibility…

Are y’all interested in sharing an evening of zikr with me?

Do y’all know what zikr is?

Just in case…

Zikr is a form of Sufi prayer. It literally means “remembrance.”

What is Sufi?

It’s a mystical spiritual path that talks a lot about Allah.

I dig it.

I’m considering holding an evening of zikr on the night of May 30th (the 5th Tuesday of this month). My decision about it is presently hinging on the responses I receive to this here e-mailed query.

Please reply to this e-mail saying:

a)      YES!!! I would LOVE to attend a zikr on the 30th!!!

b)      Gee, I don’t know, can I just show up if I feel like it that night?

c)      I thought my spam blocker was supposed to filter out e-mails with the word “Allah.”

If I get enough “a” responses, I’ll send out a definitive invitation with all the details you’ll need for an evening of zikr. Please be prompt.

If I get enough “b” responses, I’ll do nothing.

If I get enough “c” responses, I’ll drop this hare-brained eye-deer and take up residence in a hermitage (after shaving my head and taking vows of silence… don’t laugh!).

Salaam (peace),


tassles and fringes

A couple little tidbits…

This Tuesday, May 9th – Mama Sing – 10 AM – Greyrock Commons (off Liberty Dr. in Ft. Collins) – women and children welcome – we’ll sing ‘til around 11:30.

About the local Pagan family-friendly campout:

You need to RSVP.


Richard will be going up early to reserve campsites (HURRAY!! Thank you, Richard!).

Marylea needs to know how many campsites we need and some coordination around meals needs to happen.

Please e-mail or call Marylea to RSVP immediately.

For more info about the campout, see the “wrapping ribbons round the pole” e-mail.

All other events for the month are still on.



A.B.C.D. (about beltane, campout, dragonfest)

Hello Again!
Three main things to share with you: Beltane, a local pagan campout, a BIG pagan campout. Read on!ABOUT BELTANE

RSVP – If you are planning to attend, you must let me know. For supply preparations, I need a general head count sooner rather than later. Contact me at (970)224-4797 or rain@trigoddess.org.

WHERE – Ritual will be held at Treehenge (just east of Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins). If you need directions, let me know. If we have a blizzard (which is not unheard of), we will move our festivities to the shelter at Lee Martinez Park. That’ll keep the wet off but it doesn’t block out the cold so be prepared for unpredictable Colorado weather.

WHEN – We will begin at 5:30 PM on Monday May 1st. Please be prompt. Upon arrival everyone will be invited to make flower crowns before ritual begins. The potluck will follow the ritual so you may need a snack before arriving. Food may not start until 7 or so.


  • Drums and noisy toys
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • Wear bright, happy clothes, fun ritual garb if you like, horns and fairy dust, flowers, leaves, mud masks…
  • Vegetarian food and/or drink to share
  • Personal, non-disposable dishes and utensils (throw away items are very un-pagan-like)
  • Donation money (always appreciated)

If anything else occurs to me, you will certainly receive another e-mail.


WHEN: June 2, 3, 4

WHERE: Jack’s Gulch Campground (located ~22 miles up the Poudre
Canyon). Has vault toilets, fire grates, picnic tables, some electrical sites and drinking water. http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/arnf/recreation/camping-picnicking/developed/clrd/jacks-gulch.shtml (no reservations, so someone should go early and snag some sites)

WHAT: Camping, Fresh Air, Fire, Music, Drum, Dance, Relaxation, Food, Games, Hiking, etc.

EATS: community meals or fend for yourself, depends on interest and turn-out.

WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW: If you’re interested – mark your calendars!
Otherwise, nothing – this is in the planning stages. We’ll ask for your RSVP in the next newsletter emailing

Questions, comments, suggestions? Contact Marylea at her special campout email address:
Alyx Reese, the ritual coordinator for Dragonfest this year has asked me to send these announcements (I’ve edited them down).

Dragonfest is looking for ritual presenters. If you have a Mystery Ritual or some other special rite you’d like to present, please e-mail your ideas to rituals@dragonfest.org.

And they are looking for priests/priestesses who would like to participate in the Multiple Drawing Down. The format is changing this year so priests and priestesses will draw down for shorter periods. If interested e-mail rituals@dragonfest.org.

And for the entertainment stage: they are looking for performers (no auditions required). If interested, contact Thomas planetmonkey2002@yahoo.com.