Dear Community,
I’ve been seeing yellow leaves in the trees. Summer is catching little glimpses of “Exit” signs.
Lammas is coming right up…
Let’s do it!

Fort Collins Dance of Universal Peace, Thursday, July 28th7:30 PM – 1401 W Vine (Unity Church) – I’ll be leading the dance this evening, in honor of Lammas – $10 suggested donation

Monday, August 1st – Sufi Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM – come on over!

NO DANCE THURSDAY AUGUST 4th… It’s DragonFest! – Drum, Chant, Dance, Rituals, Pagan Shenanigans… WOO-HOO!!!

Monday, August 8th – Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

Thursday, August 11th – Dance Leader Cooperative – 6 PM – 1401 W Vine, Ft Collins – I haven’t decided what suggested donation amount to put on it. What do you think?

Thursday, August 11th – Fort Collins Dance – 7:30 PM – Unity Church, Vine Dr – I’ll be leading – $10 suggested

Friday, August 12th and Saturday August 13th – Dances and Sufi workshop in La Veta – Here’s the general idea: Friday evening Dance… Saturday morning workshop… Saturday afternoon Dance… I don’t have all the details yet… but will forward it along when I have it. In the meantime, mark your calendars, plan to join us if you can… or give the heads up to folks you know in the area.

Monday, August 15th – Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

Thursday, August 18th – Dance Leader Cooperative meeting – 6:30 PM – Unity Church, FC…

Thursday, August 18th – Dance led by all of you! – 7:30 PM – Unity Church, FC – $10 suggested donation

Saturday, August 20th – ZIKR! – 7 PM – 1939 S Monroe St, Denver – $10 suggested donation and dessert potluck – I LOVE THE ZIKR COMMUNITY!!! Toward the One!

Oh! And another SUPER CHANT!!!
Sunday, August 21st4 PM to 10 PM – At the Unity Church in Fort Collins – VEGETARIAN potluck! – $15 to $30 suggested donation

Are you registered for the Colorado Sufi Ruhaniat Retreat? It’s time! All are welcome! Here’s the link: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

Are you a fan of 80’s dervishes? Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNiXGX2nLU

Trivia question: what is the easiest, fastest most effective way to burn off the 200 calories in a powdered sugar doughnut? I happily await your answers.

Big Pending Autumnal Blessings!

Dance Leaders?

Hi Community!
Here’s a super happy announcement for you!


Are you a Dance of Universal Peace leader?
Would you like to be?
You can!

Dance Leader Cooperative now forming!
A group of Dance of Universal Peace leaders and leaders-in-training.

Sára Rain is the mentor for this group
(and for some of the individuals in the group as well).
This group is open to anyone and everyone interested in being part!
It is absolutely NOT required for anyone to play an instrument. Ever.
If you don’t want. Ever.
Come one, come all!

Meetings and dances are all held at
Unity Church in Fort Collins: 1401 W Vine

2nd Thursday of each month, starting August 11th, 2016
Group meets at 6 PM (PROMPTLY)
This meeting is the program planning, prepping and practicing time.
Each participant will choose dances to lead the FOLLOWING week.
Recordings can be made (audio, video, written) for use during the week.
Plan to stay for the usual weekly dance starting at 7:30.
Sára will be the primary leader for that one.


3rd Thursday of the month
Group meets again at 6:30 (PROMPTLY)
Review, rehearse, and refine… and…
Group will lead the weekly dance that night!

Interested? Have questions? Want to talk things over with Sára?
Give a call or e-mail: (970)227-5275 or rain@trigoddess.org



General Guidelines

1.      All participants in the cooperative are asked to make a dedicated effort to attend the full duration of both meetings, and to participate fully in the dance program led by the group.

2.      It is understood that Sára is the boss. She is responsible for making any executive decisions, shaping expectations and requirements for the group. What she says goes. Because she’s just like that.

3.      Group-led dances will focus primarily on “foundational” dance material, published dances. While there is some space for dance leaders to create their own dances, and the creative process is encouraged… “original” dances will comprise, at most, 1/3 of the dances led by any individual leader.

4.      When Sára is out-of-town, ill, or otherwise unavailable to lead the usual Thursdayevening dance, substitute leaders will be assigned from within the Dance Leader Cooperative.

5.      There is no expectation or need for anyone to be officially affiliated with the Dances of Universal Peace… and… that is available for anyone who wishes it. That also means it is not necessary for anyone to have an official “mentor.” And… if you do have a mentor, other than Sára, it would be most appropriate and respectful to let your mentor know if you want to participate in this Cooperative.

6.      Sára will offer feedback and support for the group-led dance in any ways possible and desired.


Dear Community,

Thursday, July 21st – Matara’s 21st birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER!!!

Thursday, July 21st – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Fort Collins Unity Church (1401 W Vine) – $10 suggested donation

Saturday, July 23rd – SUPER CHANT – 4 PM to 10 PM – Unity Church, 1401 W Vine, Ft Collins – VEGETARIAN POTLUCK – $15 to $80 suggested donation – Singing, singing, singing… sharing delicious food… singing, singing, singing! Joy, joy, joy!

Monday, July 25th Meditation… see above…

Thursday July 28th – Dance in Fort Collins… see above…

I’m starting a series of Sufi Esoteric Studies Classes in Denver – This will start August 27th and continue on the 4th Saturday evening of each month… I’m still clarifying some details… please contact me if you’re interested. What I know now: these classes will focus on what I am calling “Ruhaniat Core Curriculum”: some walks, dances, breath concentrations, wazifa practice, teachings, and on-going between-classes assignments.

is ROLLING for the Colorado Sufi Ruhaniat Retreat in September. Get signed up now! $220 covers lodging, meals… and you are welcome to donate more if you like for our Fabulous Guest Facilitator: Pir Shabda Kahn! More info here: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

For your joy:

Love and happy Zikr-ing… warshing of the hart!


Beloved Community,
Oh! It’s so GOOD to be home! Let’s do some stuff together, shall we?

Saturday, July 9th – ROLLERSKATING!!! I want to go roller skating! – 2 PM – Rollerland 324 South Link Lane | Fort Collins, CO 80524 – $8 admission (includes skate rental) – YAY!!!

Monday, July 11th – Meditation at my house (2727 Alan St, FC) – 9:30 AM – hey! A few dear friends have been joining this meditation via inter-web video conference. Wanna? Please let me know and I can send you a link. Hurray for technology!

Thursday, July 14th – Dance of Universal Peace – 1401 W Vine Dr, FC – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested donation

Saturday, July 16th – ZIKR – 1939 S Monroe St, Denver – 7 PM – $10 suggested and dessert potluck (I’m increasing the suggested donation… but feel free to put in whatever you feel good about)

Monday, July 18th – Meditation (Alan St) – 9:30 AM

Thursday, July 21st – Dance – Vine Dr, FC – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested donation

Saturday, July 23rd – SUPER CHANT!!! – 4 PM to 10 PM – Vegetarian Potluck Dinner in the middle – singing, singing, singing for several delicious hours! – $15 to $30 suggested donation – probably at Unity Church, FC… but I’m waiting for confirmation… stay tuned!

Monday, July 25th – Meditation (Alan St) – 9:30 AM

Thursday, July 28th – Dance – Vine Dr, FC – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Monday, August 1st – Meditation (Alan St) – 9:30 AM

NO DANCE AUGUST 4th because – DRAGONFEST!!! – August 3rd to 7th – I’ll be offering some workshops on chanting/drumming/dancing and Spiritual Liberty! Join the Pagan tribe of hooligans!

Since I know y’all depend on me for all sorts of super useful information, I want to encourage you, with all my heart and soul, to try this place:
They do the best vegetarian orange soy-chicken… scrumptious sesame tofu…
and if you’re not into that sort of thing:
And… if you just need something fun to listen to:
(warning: foul language included)…

Happy Day!
Love and good juju to allah you!

wasting away again in margaritaville

Guess what?
I got a sunburn! YAY!!! Sunburns are AWESOME!!!
Also.. this video is AMAZING!!! Please watch it. Be patient… but watch it!

Then you’ll be in the right mood to come DANCING tomorrow!
Fort Collins Dance, Unity Church (1401 W Vine Drive) 7:30 PM – Thursday, June 2nd – $10 suggested donation

Monday, June 6th – Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM – let me know if you want to join us by Zoom! Video conferencing rocks my world!

Thursday June 9th – NO DANCE IN FORT COLLINS!! Don’t do it!

Sunday, June 12th – CHANT! – At Unity Church in Fort Collins – 4 PM – Yes, folks, for real. 4 PM to 6 PM – Hope you can come sing with us then! $10 suggested

Monday, June 13th – Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

Thursday, June 16th – Dance is ON! – Fort Collins Unity – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Saturday, June 18th – ZIKR! – Yay! We LOVE Zikr! – 7 PM – 1939 S Monroe, Denver – $5 suggested and dessert potluck

Monday, June 20th Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

NO DANCE THURSDAY the 23rd – Unless you’re coming to MeadowFest! Oh! Good idea! Come to MeadowFest!
Campout Thursday to Sunday – $37/adult – rituals, chanting, dancing, drumming, fire, fire, fire, potlucks, pancakes, coffee, good people… morning prayer practices, casual, family friendly goodness… registration here: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

Did you watch that video at the top? Shall I give you another opportunity?
Yes. Here it is again! Trust me on this:

Love and happy sunshine!

rise up singing

Hi Friends!

It’s time to chant. Right now… Well… in an hour and change… 7 PMSunday, the 22nd – at Unity Church, Fort Collins – 1401 W Vine Dr – $10 suggested

Tomorrow, Monday, the 23rd9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation at my house (2727 Alan St, Fort Collins)… come on over.

Thursday, May 26th, Dance of Universal Peace – Unity Church, Fort Collins –7:30 PM – $10 suggested

NO MEDITATION at my house on the 30th!!! You are welcome to do it on your own…

Thursday, June 2nd – Dance in Fort Collins – 7:30 PM – Unity Church – $10 suggested

Monday, June 6th – Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM – yay!

NO DANCE in FORT COLLINS THURSDAY the 9th… you are welcome to do it on your own… 🙂

Sunday, June 12th – CHANT at Unity Fort Collins – 4 PM – did you get that? 4 PM – that’s FOUR o’clock in the PM – Happy day! – $10 suggested

And… mark your calendar:
ZIKR – Saturday, June 18th7 PM – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, (1939 S Monroe, Denver) – $5 suggested and dessert potluck

And… Don’t forget to register for MeadowFest (June 23 to 26)… a sweet community campout: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

Please tell me what you make of this:


three seconds of sunshine!!!

Beloved Community,
SUN shining through the raindrops! EXCITEMENT!!! EXCITEMENT!!!

Want to dance this week?
Fort Collins, Thursday, the 19th7:30 PM – 1401 W Vine Dr (Unity Church) – $10 suggested donation

Want to Zikr this week?
Denver, Saturday, the 21st7 PM – 1939 S Monroe St (Miracle Center) – $5 suggested and dessert potluck

Want to CHANT this week?
Fort Collins, Sunday, the 22nd7 PM – 1401 W Vine (Unity) – $10 suggested

Want to Meditate, Sufi style?
Fort Collins, Monday, the 23rd9:30 AM – 2727 Alan St (my house)

Want to Dance NEXT week?
Fort Collins, Thursday the 26th7:30 PM – Unity – $10 suggested

NO MEDITATION at my house on the 30th – I’ll be sitting in hot water. How about you?

But I’ll be back for Dance Thursday, June 2nd.

Want to go camping with us?
MeadowFest – June 23 to 26 – sign up here: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

Want to learn how to hula hoop? I swear I didn’t write this:

Happy day!

the future’s so bright

Beloved Community,
Dancing in Fort Collins this week will be so nice!
Come on out!

Thursday, May 12th – 7:30 PM – Dance of Universal Peace – 1401 W Vine Dr (Unity Church) $10 suggested

Monday, May 16th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation – 2727 Alan St, Ft Collins

Thursday, May 19th – 7:30 PM – Dance of Universal Peace – Vine Dr, FC – $10 suggested

Saturday, May 21st – 7 PM – ZIKR!! – 1939 S Monroe St, Denver – $5 suggested and dessert potluck


MeadowFest is still on! June 23 to 26 – Jack’s Gulch – Ritual, chant, dances, drumming, fire! – sign up here: www.trigoddess.org/special-events/

WOMEN’s RETREAT is CANCELLED. I’ll revisit the possibilities next year…


Pir Shabda Kahn is coming… along with local Sufi Ruhaniat Leaders… and YOU… September 29 to October 2 – at Camp Santa Maria – Such a sweet, exciting new opportunity to be together! – $220 registration plus whatever donations you can feel good about – registration and more info here: www.trigoddess.org/special-events/

And the most exciting news!!! Raindrops make doughnuts!
Check it out:

Life just keeps getting better and better!
Love and exuberance!


Hi Friends!

A few very important notes:

1. NO DANCE in FORT COLLINS this week (Thursday, April 21st). Don’t go!

2. NO MEDITATION at MY HOUSE (Monday, April 25th). Don’t go!

3. You can still join us for Rocky Mountain Spring Retreat with Maitreya (he’s phenomenal… you don’t want to miss him!) and me (I’m alright).
You are welcome to come for a day:
Friday, Saturday or Sunday: $35 each day – bring your own food. Let me know if you’re coming.
You are welcome to come for an evening:
Friday (DANCE), Saturday (ZIKR), Sunday (DANCE) – 7:30 PM each evening ($15 to $25 as you are able)
Location, Camp Granite Lake (Camp Wondervu) in Golden CO, directions here: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/”/camp+wondervu/@39.9099222,-105.4580127,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x876b95414066c7b1:0x64f7d44ade08602a!2m2!1d-105.3879727!2d39.9099433

4. Dance in Fort Collins will be back on track Thursday, April 28th, 7:30 PM – 1401 W Vine Dr – $10 suggested

5. Chant and Dance events in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Want to come sing and dance and pray with me and the sweet community there? April 30th and May 1st. More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1145372985494018/

6. Meditation in Fort Collins with Jodie Rahima facilitating, Monday, May 2nd – 9:30 AM – Alan St…

7. MEADOWFEST – Pagan-esque and Inter-Faith and DUP and Sufi style camp out! Come sing, dance, ritual, chant, and commune with nature! June 23 to 26… More details and registration here: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

(Suriya, check this out)

Have a FABULOUS Earth Day… Water Day, Fire and Air Day… Ether Day every day!

Sufi Shenanigans

Dear Spiritually-inclined Friends,

This coming weekend… Very exciting… A rare opportunity to be with Pir Zia (the spiritual director of the Sufi Order International, now called the Inayati Order) – at Naropa University.
Friday evening, 7 to 8:45 PM – a talk on the relationship between Sufism and Buddhism
Saturday and Sunday full day programs 10 AM to 5 PM – on the Sufi perspective “In tune with the infinite, in rhythm with the finite.”
More info and registration here: https://www.naropa.edu/about-naropa/events/upcoming-events/pir_zia.php
Here’s a little video to get a sense of Pir Zia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAX47cd9HLs


Thursday, April 14th – Dance of Universal Peace with me – 7:30 PM – 1401 W Vine Dr, Ft Collins – $10 suggested donation

Saturday, April 16th – Community Zikr – with me – 7 PM – 1939 S Monroe St, Denver – $5 suggested donation and dessert potluck

Monday, April, 18th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – 2727 Alan St


NO FORT COLLINS DANCE Thursday, April 21st because…

SPRING RETREAT with me and Maitreya is Friday the 22nd (morning) to Monday the 25th (afternoon). YAY!!! Hope you’re coming!