Dear Ones,
Quick update…

1. Fort Collins Dance of Universal Peace tomorrow (Thursday, the 30th) – wear all black – bring pictures or small items for the Altar for the Dead – the dance will be focused on the ancestors and honoring the departed… 7:30 PM – 1401 W Vine – $10 suggested donation.

2. NO MEDITATION THIS COMING MONDAY – if you show up at my house, the dog will bark at you… and Tim will probably greet you at the door in his bathrobe… really… no meditation on the 3rd.

3. NEXT WEEK DANCE – Thursday, November 6th – Y’all are in for a treat!!!
Brooke and Willow will be leading the Fort Collins dance in my absence… YAY!!! – 7:30 PM – Unity Church on Vine St – These wonderful ladies have planned a beautiful dance program for you… I wish I could be there! – $10 suggested donation.

4. NO MEDITATION at my house again November 10th – feel free to follow the meditation format on your own…

5. I’ll be back to lead the Fort Collins dance November 13th – hope to see you there!

6. COMMUNITY ZIKR is MOVING… Please do mark your calendars for November 15th… location is not entirely decided yet… but it looks like we’re moving to DENVER!!! – stay tuned… I’ll be sending an announcement with a solid plan on Friday this week

7. Looking a few steps ahead… I’ll be leading a dance afternoon in La Veta, CO, Saturday, December 6th… more details shortly… please let your friends in the area know!

8. Looking several leaps ahead… I am happy, Happy, HAPPY to tell you that I have invited the Fabulous, Inspiring, Magnificent, Sweet, Beautiful, Wise and Graceful Leilah Be to co-lead the women’s retreat with me next September. Details pending… but mark your calendars September 17 to 21

9. One more thing… scotch, whiskey and bourbon are NOT tasty in real life. They only look good in the movies… don’t drink them if you value your tastebuds, esophagus, or liver… it’s not worth it. Chocolate on the other hand… always good for everyone all the time. Just say “no” to hard liquor, say “yes” to life with CHOCOLATE!!!

Love and smiles,

P.S. Mead is fine… as is port. They go nicely with chocolate.


Dear Community,
In case the autumnal season is getting you down:
It makes me laugh every time!

Coming right up…

Monday (tomorrow), October 20th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation – 2727 Alan St (my house)

Thursday, October 23rd – 7:30 PM – Dance – Unity Church, Fort Collins – $10 suggested

Saturday, October 25th – Witches Ball in Denver – Masonic Temple – I’ll be heading up themidnight ritual with a bunch of you helping! – $25 in advance… $30 at the door

Monday, October 27th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation – my house

Thursday, October 30th – (WEAR ALL BLACK) – Dance of Universal Peace (wear black) – Unity Church 1401 W Vine, Fort Collins -7:30 PM (Come dressed entirely in black) – $10 suggested donation – Bring photos or small items for an altar for the dead – and Wear Black this evening! 

Monday, November 3rd – 9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation – my house

The Boulder Community Zikr will continue… but we are looking for a new home… stay tuned… and mark your calendars: November 15th… Zikr… SOMEWHERE…

There are still a couple openings for the Caravan to the Desert in March, 2013… want to join us? It is a co-ed group this time… Going to the Sekhmet Temple near Las Vegas… March 13 to 17… let me know if you’re coming!

I LOVE rice krispy treats! And while I have very little self-discipline as a life rule… I am DEDICATED to keeping rice krispy treats as a healthy, balanced part of my happiness diet! Here’s the recipe:
*melt 3 tablespoons of butter with an entire bag of VEGAN marshmallows, which you can buy at Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (which is a stupid name for a good store) over low heat until smooth –
*remove from heat and add 6 cups of rice krispies (elves are happy and therefore make happy food products) –
*mix gently but assertively until well blended –
*empty mixture onto waxed paper,
*coat your bare hands with a bit of butter and press this heavenly concoction flat and even.
*Cut into desired squares while still warm.
*Eat all of it in one sitting if it makes you happy. I do.

Love and joy to all!