wrought iron

Dear Ones,
There is precisely enough time right now for three full breaths… in.. and out… before the holiday frenzy descends in earnest, in its relentless determination to infiltrate our psyches, and corrupt our souls.
Please join me in a moment of sincere prayer:

Dear Holy Baby Jesus, with your bright blue eyes and shiny disposition,
We beseech thee… help us survive another season of mass consumerism. Please strengthen our minds and wills so we may maintain our fragile sanity through all the various renditions of “Jingle Bell Rock.”
Hallelujah Amen!

Saturday, November 22nd – 1 PM AND 2 PM – Inter-faith music with me and the senior community – 2451 W 82nd Place, Westminster – Let me know if you can make it, or just show up!

Saturday, November 22nd – 7 PM – Sufi Studies at my house (2727 Alan St, FC) – WARNING: there are cats, dogs, men, and millions upon millions of gluten particles in my home! Come at your own risk!

Sunday, November 23rd – Dervish Healing Order Prayer circle facilitated by Nuri Shaffee and Mumina – Adi Shakti in Boulder – 3 PM to 5 PM – more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/925164077512334/

Monday, November 24th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation – at my house – concentration on “Al-Mutakabbir”

Thursday, November 27th – 7:30 PM – Thanksgiving Dance of Universal Peace – Unity Church (1401 W Vine Dr, FC) – Dessert/snack potluck following the dance… bring something easy and yummy to share. (NO TURKEY ALLOWED)

Monday, December 1st – 9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation – at my house – concentration on “Al-Khaliq”

Thursday, December 4th – 7:30 PM – Dance! – Unity in Fort Collins – $10 suggested donation

Saturday, December 6th – Dance of Universal Peace in La Veta (200 S Main St) – 1 PM potluck – DANCE from 2 to 4 PM – $3 to $20 suggested! – more info, call Leia: 719~742~3334

Monday, December 8th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation – at my house – concentration on “Al-Bari”

Wednesday, December 10th – I’ll be leading the Denver Dance while Timothy is in Turkey (a trip most likely inspired by the Thanksgiving vibe) – 7:30 PM – Clayton Early Learning Center – $10 at the door

Thursday, December 11th – Fort Collins Dance – Unity – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Monday, December 15th – 9:30 AM – Sufi Meditation – at my house – concentration on “Al-Musawwir”

Thursday, December 18th – Fort Collins Dance – Unity – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Saturday, December 20th – Community Zikr – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (1939 S Monroe, Denver) – 7 PM – $5 suggested and dessert potluck

Breathing in peace, breathing out patience, breathing in calm, breathing out concentration, breathing in stillness, breathing out gentle glowing LED lights shining steadily out from every Christmas tree in every living room window in the whole wide world.
Ya Salaam!

Banjolele, Baby!

Dear Schnookums Darling Community Sweetie Pies,

DANCE – Thursday, November 13th – 7:30 PM – Unity Church (1401 W Vine, Fort Collins) – $10 suggested donation

COMMUNITY ZIKR – Saturday, November 15th – 7 PM – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (1939 S Monroe, Denver) – Checking out a new place! Hope you can join us! – Hey, anyone interested in carpooling from Boulder and/or Fort Collins? Please send me an e-mail and I’ll try to help connect you! – $5 suggested donation and dessert potluck …  BY THE WAY… several of you have said that you would like to see more energy and participation for the dessert potluck… Please bring something to share! We have access to a kitchen at this location and can make ourselves at home! CHOCOLATE!!!!

CHANT – Sunday, November 16th – 7 PM – Unity Church (1401 W Vine, FC) – YES!!! This is where we’ve been dancing on Thursdays and they are HAPPY to host chant circles as well! COME SING!!! – Inter-faith chanting… bring a cushion for floor seating… or there are chairs and couches… – $10 suggested donation

SUFI MEDITATION – Monday, November 17th – 9:30 AM – My House (2727 Alan St, FC) – Concentration for this week will be “Al-Jabbar” “The Compeller” – this is a small meditation group… all are welcome! And expect to be greeted by a dog, cat, and whatever state my home happens to be in that morning!

DANCE – Thursday, November 20th – 7:30 PM – Unity Church, Fort Collins – $10 suggested donation

MUSIC AND DANCE IN DENVER – Saturday, November 22nd – 1 PM and again at 2 PM – 2451 W 82nd Place, Westminster – I’ll be sharing music from the Dances with the senior community here – Please join me… I expect it’ll be much like the “Elder Dance” that Juanita has been leading in Boulder and Denver forever… – Let me know if you can make it, or just show up!

SUFI MEDITATION – Monday, November 24th – 9:30 AM – Alan St, FC – This morning, we’ll concentrate on, “Al-Mutakabbir” “The Greatest” – PLUS… It’s Jodie’s Birthday!!!! Send her all your love!!!

THANKSGIVING DANCE and DESSERT POTLUCK – Thursday, November 27th – 7:30 PM – Unity Church, FC – Bring a dessert food, drink or snack to share after the dance!

1. California Dance Retreat – January 16 to 19 – Santa Barbara
2. Caravan to the Goddess Temple in the Desert – March 13 to 17 – Near Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Chant Retreat with me and Jonas Koukl – April 24 to 26 – Camp Santa Maria, Bailey Colorado
4. MeadowFest – Pagan-esque Campout – June 25 to 28 – Jack’s Gulch, Colorado
5. Women’s Retreat with me and Leilah Be – September 17 to 21 – Camp Santa Maria, Bailey Colorado

I was recently driving across the country from rugged colorado through the flat-lands of Kansas… and somewhere in there I encountered (not a physical collision… just a collision in my eyeballs) a pink cadillac! I kid you not. I have reason to believe it was a Mary Kay vehicle… I can’t imagine any other reason for there to be a pink cadillac in existence. But it inspired me to share this with you: http://www.marykay.com/en-us/about-mary-kay/companyfounder

And now I feel bad for inflicting your inbox with that so I’ll make-up for it with this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-anGSwEGjQ

Love and happy juju to all of you!