Special Events

The Art of Being and Becoming: A Sufi Retreat with Sára Rain

October 10th to 13th, 2019 – At the Buckhorn Camp (Bellvue, CO)

It is said, “A Sufi is a child of the moment,” being present to each breath,
in love with the Beloved in each life experience. We are invited to deepen our
spiritual practices in order to live fully and harmoniously, nurturing the
relationship with our own soul, while skillfully dancing the journey of life.
Along the path, we lean into the wisdom of the masters, teachers and guides
who have carried the mystical practices and devotions through the generations
and we, in this breath, strive to awaken our own hearts, develop our own
mastery, strengthen our spirits and blossom into the fullest potential of our
human being-ness. Sufi Zikr, Dances of Universal Peace, meditation, wazifa
practices and teachings from the rich Sufi Ruhaniat lineage stream. EARLY
REGISTRATION (through Sept. 15) $220 LATE REGISTRATION (after Sept. 15) $250
Mail in registration check payable to: Sára Rain, 2727 Alan St, Ft Collins, CO
80524 More info: retreat@trigoddess.org Pay now:


MEADOWFEST – June 25 to 28, 2020…

(Thursday 1 PM to Sunday 11 AM) Pagan-esque camping at Jack’s Gulch Rituals,
chanting, drumming, FIRE!!!, potluck dinners, pancake breakfast… friends,
nature, families welcome! Facilitated by Sára Rain with lots of help from
Rahima and YOU!!!

This year’s registrar is Rahima Jodie Rain. Please contact her for more info and expect to hear from her when you register.
E-mail for more info:  retreat@trigoddess.org


$45 per adult (16 and over) Children free!

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