Spiritual Mentoring

About Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring is a relationship of support, companionship and witnessing. There is no distinction between the “spiritual life” and the “mundane life.” Many of us feel a deep desire to make sense of, harmonize, and weave together our experience of the sacred, the life of our essential self, and our everyday existence.

A Spiritual Mentor is a friend, guide, consultant and resource, offering reminders and encouragements toward the greatest integration of “spirit” and “matter.”

This relationship welcomes and holds aspects of prayer, meditation, communion with life, awareness of the true self, and relationship with The Holy. It engages the mind, heart, body, and intuitive faculty of each person.

It is not psychotherapy and it does not focus on “fixing issues.” Spiritual Mentoring works from a fundamental belief that you are whole and healthy.

Spiritual Mentoring can be one-on-one or in a group context (a group of peers with a facilitator).

Spirituality can be found within religion and religion can have a ground in spirituality but they are not always intertwined. Spiritual Mentoring includes any and all forms of spirituality, within or without a basis in religion. All paths are welcome… and even the absence of a particular path is welcome!

One-on-One Session Structure

The flow of a session is determined by the individual seeking mentoring. It can include a specific concern or area of life, reflections on one’s thoughts, feelings, motives and experiences. Mentoring includes and works with all aspects of life, the inner and the outer.

Sessions can include conversation, silence, contemplation, companioned prayer and/or meditation practices.

Group Spiritual Mentoring

A Spiritual Mentoring group has a structured format that invites the group to settle into an atmosphere of contemplative prayer together and to explore the movements of Spirit in each of their lives.

The facilitator manages the group structure, offers instruction and guidance, and maintains the overall flow of the process.

A Spiritual Mentoring group consists of between 3 and 7 participants. Each participant gives and receives Spiritual mentoring with the entire group, all within the structured format.

It is not group therapy. The intention of the group is not to solve each other’s problems or offer counseling. Rather, it is an opportunity for all participants to listen deeply and look sincerely for the unfolding voice of Spirit in their personal experiences.

Is Spiritual Mentoring For Me?

It may be if:

  • You want to bring Divine Presence (as you know him/her/it to be) into your life
  • You want to nurture an ongoing relationship with Spirit
  • You pray or meditate and would like to strengthen your practice
  • You want to discover, establish, enrich or maintain spiritual practices
  • You feel you are or want to be on a spiritual path and want to explore that more fully
  • You want company along your unique spiritual journey
  • You want a witness or support for your spiritual and/or religious explorations
  • You want to nurture your own in-dwelling spirit
  • You believe you could be stronger, clearer, more loving, more balanced and more vibrant

What Does It Cost?

As Spiritual Mentoring is a service of Spirit, Sara does not assign a set monetary value to her work. Each client is encouraged to consider their financial resources, the value of the service, and make a donation according to one’s own sense of rightness.

In the professional field of Spiritual Mentoring, fees often range between $25 and $125 per hour.

Frequency of Meetings

Most Spiritual Mentoring relationships meet on a monthly basis. There are circumstances in which more frequent sessions are appropriate. Open to case-by-case decisions.

Duration of Sessions

The first session is 1½ hours. This includes time for introductions, asking and answering questions, and reflection at the end.

Subsequent sessions tend to be 1 hour.


About Sára as Spiritual Mentor

Sara’s initial training was through Claritas Institute, in Boulder, CO. She now holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Direction from Lorian Association in Seattle, WA.

She has been a spiritual leader and minister in Colorado since 1997. She is a Dance Mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace, a Sufi Cherag (minister), and a Pagan Priestess. Her primary work includes Sufi, Pagan, and Inter-faith gatherings along the Front Range.

Sara’s personal spiritual journey is a dual path of Paganism (earth-based and nature-centric) and Sufism (Universalist religion of the Heart). She studies and celebrates Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism and Paganism.

As a Spiritual Mentor, Sára listens a lot, gives plenty of reflections and acknowledgements, and guides clients toward pro-active, self-aware, conscientious, empowered, supported, love-centered presence. She is attentive, loving, and clear. She believes in each person’s inherent wisdom and spiritual knowing and supports people in discovering and deepening their living experience.

If you would like more information about this practice, please email or call (970)227-5275.

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