Inanna: Words of the Star Goddess

The Charge of the Goddess, in its earliest written form, is attributed to Doreen Valiente. It is traditionally used in rituals of “drawing down the moon” (embodying the Goddess at the powerful time of the full moon). In the United States, Starhawk’s version of the Charge of the Goddess is the most widely known.

Circles of Goddess-loving pagans know and love The Charge, alleged to be based on practices pre-dating modern, Gardnerian Wicca.

We strive to honor the love and spirit of the original. Our rendering presents the essence and guidance of The Charge in poetic phrases that lend themselves to singing. While the roots of The Charge are Wiccan, and therefore English, most pagan traditions recognize the many faces of the Goddess as aspects of the same Mother.

We invoke the Sumerian Goddess, Inanna, to begin and end The Charge, because of her ancient roots, her courage in confronting the underworld and her own shadow and because of the evocative sound of her name. “Inana” is also an Aramaic word that means, “I am,” implying the multi-layered, mystical presence of Divinity from which all life emerges.

May you, too, find her shimmering presence, immanent in all creation, as a loving and wondrous source of strength.