Super Important Special Events

Dear Community,
I know that all of you grown-ups working for a living in this day and age are simply overwhelmed with responsibilities and demands on your time, energy and financial resources…
As a relatively intelligent, somewhat spiritually inclined, living, breathing human being walking the sweet earth along with you… I’d like to strongly encourage you to pack up all those adult obligations, drop them into a deep, fast-moving river, and go on retreat!!!
For real! Here are a few for you to prioritize above all else:

SINGING RETREAT – at Anahata Community in Floyd, Virginia… June 6, 7, 8… I’m so happy to be part of this! Kathryn Ashera and Craig Green are phenomenal human beings with stellar vision and alignment with spirit, joy, and the power of music. Check it out!

MEADOWFEST… June 19 to 22 – Jack’s Gulch – Come camp with us! Pagan-centric, happy, relaxed camping fun! I’ll be heading up rituals, chants, maybe some dancing (if y’all like that sort of thing) – I love cooking up breakfast pancakes for all y’all! Here’s the link for more info and registration:

GODDESS RETREAT with STARHAWK and ME!!! – September 26 to 29 – I can’t even begin to express my overwhelming delight to be bringing Starhawk for this retreat! Facilitation will all be by me and Starhawk! I’m quite certain this retreat will sell out! Sign up early! Like, NOW!!!

Then… as normal, on-going, not so super special, but pretty darn great ways to enjoy community without needing to quit your jobs:

Dance this Thursday, May 15th – 7:30 PM – 344 E Mountain Ave, F.C. – $10 suggested

Chant NEXT Sunday, May 18th – 7 PM – 344 E Mountain – $10 suggested

Dance Thursday, May 22nd – 7:30 PM – 344 E Mountain – $10 suggested

Dance Thursday, May 29th – 7:30 PM – 344 E Mountain – $10 suggested

Chant, Sunday, June 1st – 7 PM – 344 E Mountain – $10 suggested

Dance with Brooke and Willow, Thursday, June 5th – 7:30 PM – 344 E Mountain – This is a very exciting, wonderful opportunity for all of you beloved dancers to enjoy, support, encourage, celebrate and delight in the blossoming, gorgeous leadership of these young women! I SO wish I could be there in my absence!!! – $10 suggested

A tip for living a happy life:
get a cat… take naps with said cat at least daily… in the sunshine… or the shade.
Love to all,