nudge, nudge…

TODAY!!! at 4:30 PM… join us at Avogadro’s Number (605 Mason St, Ft Collins) for a Five Wishes dinner, conversation and completion… I’ll bring the forms, the pens, and my big mouth. Please bring your pocketbook (if you want to buy dinner, drinks and dessert)… and let me know if you’re planning to join us.

TODAY!!! at 7 PM… join us for an evening of CHANTING (344 E Mountain Ave, Ft Collins) – $10 suggested – very inter-faith…hang out and sing, sing, sing!!!

THURSDAY, June 5th… join Brooke and Willow for a sweet evening of Dances of Universal Peace (344 E Mountain Ave) – $10 suggested. This is their first entire evening of dance and they have a lovely evening planned for you! Habib will be accompanying on guitar. THANK YOU HABIB!!!

I’ll be back with you for dance on the 12th.