reclaimed clay

Dear Friends,
Man proposes and God disposes. Have you heard that? Want to make God laugh? Tell Her your plans. 
I reckon all y’all are being given plenty of opportunities to practice flexibility and non-attachment. Uh-huh. 
And still, this evening is “Eastern Rose Garden” Sufi Class. 
But tomorrow I won’t be in Denver after all. Details below… 

This evening (Thursday), April 21st – 7 PM Mountain Daylight (1 AM Friday UTC) – In an Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – I have so many doughnuts! – 90 minutes of music, wazifa, prayer and Murshid’s teachings. All are welcome –  Zoom Here!  

Tomorrow, Friday, April 22nd – be kind to the Earth, She is our Mother, our home, our sustainer and our responsibility – Celebration at Mile Hi Church in Denver – 6 to 9 PM – A few lovely presenters will share prayers, ceremony, and inspiring wisdom…then… Timothy Dobson will be leading Dances of Universal Peace with the lovely accompaniment of Deborah Ogden, Jochanaan Rasmussen and maybe others…- Love Offerings are very welcome. Sorry I won’t be with you in person. Have a glorious time dancing with Timothy!

Monday, April 25th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MDT (3:30 PM UTC) – Zoom only – an hour of diving into this week’s Beautiful Name of God – Zoom Here! 

Thursday, April 28th – In an Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM MDT (1 AM Friday UTC) – doughnut? – Zoom Here! 

Friday, April 29th – Chant and Pray, interfaith sing-along – Beltane, New Moon, Good Stuff! – 7 PM MDT (1 AM Saturday UTC) – not sure yet if we’ll have an in-person option or just zoom…definitely zoom…stay tuned: Zoom Here! 

Sunday, May 1st – Dance Leader Training Zoom – 10 AM MDT (4 PM UTC) – let me know what requests you have for dances, songs, and info – Zoom Here!   

Monday, May 2nd – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MDT (3:30 PM UTC) – Zoom Here! 

May 5th to 9th (Thursday to Monday) – Chant Retreat! – Hurray! – We’re gonna have so much fun singing and dancing and singing and dancing and singing… if you’re registered, you received a separate email with all the details. 

Monday, May 9th – I think you’ll be on your own for this week’s meditation…we’ll probably do it early morning at the retreat…but not zooming…sorry. 

Thursday, May 12th – In an Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM MDT (1 AM Friday UTC) – doughnuts-r-us – Zoom Here! 

Friday, May 13th – Chant and/or Zikr – not sure yet whether we’ll do an interfaith chant or splash around in zikr…- 7 PM MDT (1 AM Friday UTC) – probably an in-person option…but not sure whether at my house or somewhere else…stay tuned…and definitely: Zoom Here!  

Monday, May 16th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MDT (3:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to join us in our home…or Zoom Here! 

Thursday, May 19th – In an Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM MDT (1 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here! 

Friday, May 20th – Chant and/or Dance and/or Zikr – 7 PM MDT (1 AM Saturday UTC) – still not sure of location yet…but it’ll happen with an in-person option and Zoom Here! 

Sunday, May 22nd – Dance Leader Training – 10 AM MDT (4 PM UTC) – Zoom Here! 

Are you meeting us in Germany? “Rose Petals Touching Ground” Sufi retreat – June 3rd to 7th – more info here:

Daily Prayer Zooms continue on and on… every day – 12 PM Mountain (6 PM UTC) – 15 minutes of prayer, breath, music and beautiful friends – Zoom Here! 

Youtube channel for Chant and Pray recordings: Sára’s YouTube
OneDrive with daily zikr/song from our noon prayer zooms: Zikr Downloads

With You in the Heart of the One,