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Dear Community,
Blessings to your beautiful hearts on this beautiful day. Blessings to all the Mamas and to the Big Mama God. 

This is just a brief update to let you know:
Monday Morning Sufi Meditation will be at 7 AM tomorrow. Really, for real, 7 AM Mountain Time (2 PM UTC, 3 PM in Germany, 4 PM in Moscow) – we’ll be on the zoom…and some of us will be leading/participating from up in the mountains where we are in the midst of the most delicious chant retreat. Join us if you wish. – Zoom Here! 

OH!!! And, we have a plan for an Autumn Sufi and Zikr retreat in September!! WOOHOO!!! More info at the bottom… 

Thursday, May 12th – In an Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM MDT (1 AM Friday UTC) – doughnuts-r-us – Zoom Here! 

Friday, May 13th – SINGING and PRAYING – not sure yet whether we’ll do an interfaith chant or splash around in zikr…- 7 PM MDT (1 AM Friday UTC) – probably an in-person option…but not sure whether at my house or somewhere else…stay tuned…and definitely: Zoom Here!  

Monday, May 16th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MDT (3:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to join us in our home…or Zoom Here! 

Thursday, May 19th – In an Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM MDT (1 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here! 

Friday, May 20th – Chant and/or Dance and/or Zikr – 7 PM MDT (1 AM Saturday UTC) – still not sure of location yet…but it’ll happen with an in-person option and Zoom Here! 

Sunday, May 22nd – Dance Leader Training – 10 AM MDT (4 PM UTC) – Zoom Here! 

Are you meeting us in Germany? “Rose Petals Touching Ground” Sufi retreat – June 3rd to 7th – more info here:

SEPTEMBER SUFI and ZIKR RETREAT – “Illuminating Presence” – September 8 to 12 (Thursday to Monday) – Buckhorn Camp, Bellvue, Colorado – $290 covers food and lodging – I’m happy to be guiding this retreat, a deep dive into Sufi teachings, practice, and remembrance – All friends are welcome! – Registration will open as soon as we get the PayPal button posted on my website…or…you can send PayPal or Venmo to with a note “Fall Sufi Retreat” – Mark your calendars! 

Daily Prayer Zooms continue on and on… every day – 12 PM Mountain (6 PM UTC) – 15 minutes of prayer, breath, music and beautiful friends – Zoom Here! 

Youtube channel for Chant and Pray recordings: Sára’s YouTube
OneDrive with daily zikr/song from our noon prayer zooms: Zikr Downloads

Big Heart Hugs and Warm Love to Each of You,