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Dear Companions on the Path, 
Some weeks are fraught with vices. Pizza, coke, doughnuts, chocolate, potato chips, and a foul mouth. And some weeks overflow with virtues. Pizza, coke, doughnuts, chocolate, potato chips, and a pleasant demeanor. Which one are you having? 
IT’S SUMMER!!! Things start getting a little wonky when the sun and dancing river entice us away from screens into the wild. 
And still…some of us are zooming on. You have my blessing in either direction.

Mondays: June 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, and July 5th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (3:30 PM UTC) – prayers, reading and recitation of one Beautiful Name of God each week…On the zoom:
Some Mondays, if I’m home, you are welcome to join me in person…check with me if you want to come over. 

Tuesday, June 8th – I’m hosting a “Next Gen Sufi Conversation” zoom – I’d like to hear from Sufi friends in their 20’s and 30’s – discussion about accessibility, usefulness, resources and relevance of the Sufi path for you in life – 1 to 3 PM Mountain (7 to 9 PM UTC) – contact me directly for the zoom link. 

Thursday, June 10th – Gathas Class with Rahima Jodie Rain! – I’ll be on the road and Rahima has very kindly agreed to lead Gathas Class for all y’all! Hurray! Thank you, Rahima! – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom!

Friday, June 11th – Unveiling the Beloved on the theme of “Joyful! Joyful! Joyful!” – Khabir and I are back with a playful installment of music, stories, teachings and practices – All the better if you wear an adorable fascinator. Footnote for more info. – Unveiling at 10 AM Mountain, 6 PM Germany, 4 PM UTC – We’ll have two hours together that lead straight into our daily noon prayer zoom for an additional 15 minutes. Here’s the zoom link:
and a paypal link if you are feeling generous and grateful!

Thursday, June 17th – All-Cherag Zoom! – For cherags and cherags in training – I am happy to host this 90 minute zoom session with fellow Siraj, ZubinNur from Holland. Yay! – Our theme this time is “Deep Roots, Wide Wings” in the work of interfaith Sufi ministry, attuned to the universal Sufi message – 10 AM Mountain, 6 PM Holland, 4 PM UTC – Here’s the Zoom: and passcode: cherag

Thursdays, June 17th and 24th and July 1st – Gathas Class with Doughnuts and Sára – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Friday UTC) – I’ll be back and happy to resume Gathas with you! Hey, friends, we’re almost done with the Gathas…what shall we read next? Now accepting suggestions. – Zoom!

Saturday, June 19th – I AM SO HAPPY TO SAY, Farhad, my beloved friend, exquisite composer, brilliant, gracious and inspiring human being will be visiting and has very kindly agreed to share Zikr with us! HURRAY!! I expect we’ll be co-leading the program and you, my sweet friends, do not want to miss it. Farhad is a wise, knowledgeable, skillful, phenomenal musician and Sufi in the true sense of the word. – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Sunday UTC) – We’ll be on the zoom…and perhaps a few local friends can join us in person. Let me know if your heart leaps at that notion. Zoom!

Sunday, June 20th – Father’s Day – mow the lawn, fire up the grill, raise a toast to the papas!

Monday, June 21st – Let Your Light Shine! – I’m honored and pleased to be sharing Dances of Universal Peace with the multi-order Sufi community in Albuquerque, New Mexico – 6:30 to 8:30 PM Mountain – sharing food, music, prayers, healing blessings, dances, and a luminaria-lit sacred walk – At St. Michael and All Angels Church 

Fridays, June 25th and July 2nd – Chant, Dance, Pray! – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM UTC) – zoom-zooming!
And, if you’re near Fort Collins and want to come be with me in person, let me know. I love singing with you! 

Sunday, July 4th – Contemplate and cultivate your highest ideals. Good idea. 

EVERY SINGLE DAY – Noon Prayer Zoom – Still happening. Every. Day. – When I need to miss one, I ask one or two spectacular Sufi friends to lead in my absence. Jump on the zoom anytime you wish. Always sweet. Always useful. 12 PM Mountain (6 PM UTC) – 15 minutes only –

RETREATS!! HURRAY!!! Two glorious opportunities! 

Online from Lama: August 20 to 22 – The Path of Love and Truth with Sára Rain and Suriya Willow Brook – more info here:

In-Person at Buckhorn Camp in Colorado: September 9 to 13 – Unbroken Flows the Rhythm with Sára Rain – more info

All right, beloveds, that’s it for now. I hope you are finding your way into a peaceful, hopeful, delightful Summer rhythm. Life is sweet.


P.S. Do you know what a fascinator is? Here: