lilac season

Dear Friends on the Path,
Are you practicing love? Patience? Kindness? 
Me too. Also humility, careful listening, generosity. 
Plus drinking water (the dancing kind), getting more sunshine (the dancing kind), and spending time with sweet people (the dancing kind). 
Wanna join me? Please do. 

This evening, Thursday, May 27th – Gathas Class – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Friday UTC) – I have DOUGHNUTS!!! You can too. – Zoom, darlings:

Tomorrow evening, Friday, May 28th – Chant, Dance, Pray – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Saturday UTC) – no doughnuts this time…but musical, embodied practices on the themes of “what changes and what does not change” – a few of us will be together in my Fort Collins home. If you’re in the area and want to join me, give a jingle – or Zoom!

Monday, May 31st – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (3:30 PM UTC) – on the zoom or in my living room, up to you:

Thursday, June 3rd – Gathas Class – same as above…

Friday, June 4th – Chant, Dance, Pray – same as above…but different theme (as usual)…

Monday, June 7th – Sufi Meditation – same as above…but different Beautiful Name of God (as usual)…

Thursday, June 10th – Gathas Class – same as above…

Friday, June 11th – Unveiling the Beloved: Joyful!Joyful!Joyful! – with me and Khabir – 10 AM Mountain – 6 PM in Germany – 4 PM UTC – two delicious hours of stories, teachings, spiritual practices, on the theme of JOY! and PLAY! and LAUGHTER! and DELIGHT! – stay with us through our daily noon zoom if you wish…same happy link…and maybe a few folks with me in person in Fort Collins… :
Monetary Appreciation Here:

Monday, June 14th – Sufi Meditation – ditto above, sweethearts! 

Thursday, June 17th – Gathas Class – ditto above, dearies! 

Saturday, June 19th – Zikr, Zikr, Zikr… – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Sunday UTC) – probably welcoming a few beloveds to join me in my home while all the rest of yous are welcome on the zoom, zoom, zoom:

Sunday, June 20th – Father’s Day – give ’em some love! 

Monday, June 21st – Sufi Meditation – see above…

Thursday, June 24th – Gathas Class – copy above…

Friday, June 25th – Chant, Dance, Pray – same as above… 

DAILY PRAYER ZOOM!! Still happening…not sure how long this will continue…but I don’t see an end in sight yet…such a sweet daily touch-in with beloveds around the world! – 12 PM Mountain (6 PM UTC) – 15 minutes of prayer, practice, and music – Zoom!

And…RETREATS!! Two of them! 

Online from Lama: August 20 to 22 – The Path of Love and Truth with Sára Rain and Suriya Willow Brook – more info here:

In-Person at Buckhorn Camp in Colorado: September 9 to 13 – Unbroken Flows the Rhythm with Sára Rain – more info here:

I keep bopping back to this ditty…can’t imagine why:
More sugar in the heart means more sugar on the tongue…