hot water

Dear Circle of Friends,
Today I’m baking cookies. How about you? 
Tomorrow I’m going to hang out in hot water. How about you? 
Singing, dancing, meditating, reciting Beautiful Names of God, breathing in and out with the Great Mama God…let’s do it! 

Monday, March 1st (and every Monday) – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – one hour of prayers, readings, and moments of silence…contemplating one Beautiful Name of God at a time… ZOOM!

EVERY DAY: 12 PM Mountain Time (7 PM UTC) Noon Zoom – 15 minutes of Sufi prayers, music, breath practice and whatever silliness is happening that day – Link:
PLEASE NOTE: March, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mirabai and Khabir will be leading prayers in my absence…THANK YOU!!! I’ll be back with you on the 4th. 

Thursday, March 4th (and every Thursday) (2 AM Friday, UTC) – Gathas Class – reading Inayat Khan’s teachings on. a wide array of themes, with a bit of music, wazifa, prayers, and discussion… Bring a doughnut if you like! I do. Zoom!!

Friday, March 5th – Chant, Dance, Pray! – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday UTC) – Interfaith music and practices…all are welcome! – ZOOM!!

Saturday, March 6th – Centenary Conversation – 5 PM Mountain (12 AM Sunday UTC) – The 100 year anniversary of the Universal Worship Service is coming up (May 7th) I’m encouraging EVERYONE to offer some sort of celebratory event, a formal service, a Dance of Universal Peace, a silent meditation, an Interfaith Chant…anything that strikes your heart’s fancy! Wanna talk about it, share ideas and resources with others who are celebrating? Here’s an opportunity for a chat. On the Zoom. With me. And probably some others! –

Sunday, March 14th – MESS UP THE CLOCKS!! – Please pay close attention to all the time stamps on every zoom meeting everywhere…it’ll be CHAOS I tell ya! Daylight Saving keeps us on our toes, eh?

Saturday, March 20th is the next Zikr – 7 PM Mountain – Zooming…

The next “Unveiling the Beloved” celebrating Good Friday with a Sufi, mystical lens…with me and Khabir – Friday, April 2nd – 10 AM Mountain…
Your financial generosity is always welcome:

I have a new favorite movie. Not a new movie, but a new favorite. “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”…it’s on Netflix…it is not “spiritual” per se, it is not your run-o-the-mill flick. But it does have this amazing song, which I think will be turned into a Zikr cycle in short order: 

Please, friends, smile. Whether you’re feeling it or not. It sets happy hormones flowing…you won’t regret it.