comfort reading

Dear Community,
Every year, after Imbolc, I have “Spring Optimism” that gets to practice “seasonal patience.” We can do it! We can wait until Spring fully springs, and keep our hearts warm with joyful anticipation, taking comfort in sweet books, hot tea, and wood stoves. Yep. Story of my life, right now.
Wanna sing and zikr and read spiritual books with me? It’s all the rage. 

EVERY DAY: 12 PM Mountain Time (7 PM UTC) Noon Zoom – 15 minutes of Sufi prayers, music, breath practice and whatever silliness is happening that day – Link:

EVERY THURSDAY: 7 PM Mountain Time (2 AM Fridays UTC) – Gathas Class, reading Inayat Khan’s teachings on all sorts of subjects, discussion, wazifa, a bit of music and a doughnut (if you bring it) – Zoom here:

EVERY MONDAY: Sufi Meditation – one Beautiful Name of God each week along with Murshid’s prayers, periods of silent contemplation and meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – Zoom is our friend!

This Saturday, February 20th – Zikr, Zikr, Zikr – singing and bobbing around in the ocean of remembrance – Sufi music and prayer practice – a bit of teachings, readings, wazifa, breathwork, or whatever inspiration is flowing… – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Sunday, UTC) – Zoom, darlings!

Friday, February 26th – Full Moon Chant, Dance, Pray – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Saturday, UTC) – interfaith prayers, music and heart attunement – Hanging on the Zoom!

Friday, March 5th – Chant, Dance, Pray – 7 PM Mountain – Zoom

Saturday, March 6th – Conversation with Cherags, Dance Leaders, and Friends who want to help celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Universal Worship Service – All are welcome! – 5 PM Mountain (12 AM Sunday, UTC)

Sunday, March 14th – MESS UP THE CLOCKS!! – and throw all our international Zoom planning into a catastrophe of confusion and mayhem. Yes. Friends. Mayhem. 

Mark your calendars! The next “Unveiling the Beloved” with Khabir and me will be Friday, April 2nd, Good Friday – 10 AM Mountain – on the zoom…
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I know every single one of you needs some exquisite music…here’s a gorgeous tidbit for you:
Always aiming to increase beauty and happiness!