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Dear Friends and Fellow Human Beings,
As Winter carries on her merry way, I’m admiring the fresh beauty of snow, the wonderment of Earth’s seasons, the interconnectedness of our human family, the privilege of being with you in cyber-space for a bit longer as we continue navigating the fascinating circumstances of this moment. My new kiln is currently running a test fire and I’m so excited! But I will pull myself away from the pottery wheel to sing and dance and pray with you! C’mon!

TOMORROW, Thursday, January 28th – Gathas Class – I’ll have a doughnut with me, how about you? A bit of music, wazifa, reading and discussion of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan’s Gathas – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday, UTC) – On the Zoom!
ALSO: February 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th…

Friday, January 29th – Chant, Dance, Pray – Interfaith musical prayer time! – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Saturday, UTC) – Zoom, Zoom!
ALSO: February 12th and 26th

Monday, February 1st – Sufi Meditation – (and Happy Imbolc!) – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – one hour of prayers, wazifa, learning about and practicing one Beautiful Name of God each week – Zoom, darlings!
ALSO: February 8th, 15th, 22nd…

Friday, February 5th – Unveiling the Beloved – in honor of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan’s Urs – Khabir and I are happy to share another session of Sufi stories, practices, music, and celebration! – This an auspicious occasion, the 95th anniversary of Inayat Khan’s death (reunion with the Beloved) – 10 AM Mountain / 6 PM in Germany / 5 PM UTC – On the Zoom!
If you feel inspired and generous, you can contribute to Khabir and Sára here:

Saturday, February 6th – any cherags, dance leaders, Sufi enthusiasts, ministers, and interfaith human beings are welcome to join me for a conversational zoom aimed toward encouraging and supporting anyone and everyone who would like to share an event in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the Universal Worship Service (that will be May 7th of this year) – Zooming at 5 PM Mountain (12 AM Sunday UTC) –

Sunday, February 14th – Love everyone – ALWAYS

Saturday, February 20th – ZIKR!! – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Sunday, UTC) – two hours of music, movement, Sufi teachings and attunement…mm-hmmm! – Zooming!

EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! – Noon Prayer Zoom – 15 minutes of a Sufi soul tune-up! – breath practice, prayer, and a little zikr ditty each day! – 12 PM Mountain (7 PM UTC) – Join us anytime:

POTTERY!! I’m in heaven! Here’s a sweet video of super excellence:

Love and Joy to You, Precious Being!