High Priestess Spell!

Beloved Friends, Community and Human Family,
Let’s do a collective spell! A spell is an “active prayer.” It is the intentions and desires of prayer wrapped up with sensory experience, words, actions, symbolic and magical associations that strengthen and energize the prayer.
Our world is hurting, our political climate is volatile and polarized. Our communities are suffering and we need to do everything we can to help lift our society toward higher values: compassion, generosity, integrity, peace, justice, harmony.
Of course, we do our best to practice kindness in our relationships with family, friends, neighbors and fellow humans. We offer our energy and resources toward supporting those in need. And, we participate in shaping our political system by VOTING!!
Your voice counts! The right to vote is powerful, precious and not to be squandered. We need to bring our love, passion, confidence, optimism and energy to the voting booth. We need to support and empower others to do the same. Let’s work together to elect public servants, representatives, senators, governors, and presidents who truly reflect the beauty, diversity, wisdom and compassion of the people.
I’m offering this spell for us to do individually and collectively. You can follow my instructions to a T, or modify it according to your needs. Please commit to doing this spell at least once. And you could repeat it every day, every week, whenever you wish leading up to the election November 3rd! Invite your friends, family, community members to join you!
Share it far and wide! Let’s make it a thing! WITCHES GO VIRAL!
Please send me a photo of your altar (only if you’re comfy sharing), or a selfie with your prayer bundle, or you and your beloved raiding the spice cupboard for witchy supplies…or any aspect of the spell you’d like to share! I’d love to make a witchy collage of all our good workings!
Then find some tangible ways to help get out the vote. Offer to babysit for friends with young children so they can get to the polls, offer rides to people who need them, encourage everyone you know to get mail-in ballots, make sure you are registered and nudge others to do the same.
I will be organizing a voting party after we get our mail-in ballots. You’ll be invited to join me on Zoom with your ballot in hand (you can keep it secret and vote however you wish). We’ll read through issues, discuss candidates (no argument and no persuasion, just learning and sharing in a safe, friendly environment, getting the voting task done!). Stay tuned for date, time, and link.
Or organize your own; your party, your rules!
Blessed Be!

Link to access the PDF of the Spell!

P.S. A super good voting resource for you: https://www.vote411.org/

P.P.S. I drew a Tarot card asking about sending you this spell and I drew the High Priestess.