Dear Community,
We are officially in full-on holiday mode. Ready or not.
The seasons and common sense say, “stay inside, hibernate, eat and drink for the sole purpose of getting fat.”
The spirit and community say, “sing and dance, join with beloveds to pray through the darkness and welcome back light.”
Your choice.

Monday, December 2nd – SUFI MEDITATION IS BACK! – Come on over! – 9:30 AM – my house (2727 Alan St, Fort Collins)

Thursday, December 5th – Chant in Fort Collins – 1401 W Vine – 7 PM – $10 to $20 suggested

Friday, December 6th – Dances of Universal Peace in Boulder – 5001 Pennsylvania Ave – 7 PM – $10 to $20 suggested

Monday, December 9th – Sufi Meditation – my house – 9:30 AM

Thursday, December 12th – Fort Collins Dances of Universal Peace – 7 PM – Unity Church (1401 W Vine) – $10 to $20 suggested

Monday, December 16th – Sufi Meditation – my house – 9:30 AM

Friday, December 20th – Winter Solstice Celebration in Boulder – Unitarian Universalist Church, 5001 Pennsylvania Ave – we’ll be dancing and ritually honoring the Solstice along with the church congregation… Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more details…

Saturday, December 21st – White Zikr in Denver – 7 PM – We’ll honor the longest night and the return of the light with a dress-in-all-white Zikr evening! – at the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S Monroe St – Candle lighting, and honoring this holy season through our Sufi prayer practice – $10 to $20 suggested donation – snack/dessert potluck and Sufi conversation time after Zikr

Monday, December 23rd – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – my house

Wednesday, December 25th – Mystic Christ Dance – 7 PM – awaiting location confirmation… we’ll spend Christmas evening attuning to the heart and message of Jesus – Aramaic song, movement, meditation and honor to the living spirit of compassion – $10 to $20 suggested donation

Monday, December 30th – Sufi meditation – 9:30 AM – my house

Tuesday, December 31st – New Year’s Eve SUPER CHANT!! – 7 PM to 1 AM – awaiting location confirmation… we’ll spend New Year’s Eve singing, offering our gratitude and farewell to 2019, setting intentions and stepping mindfully into 2020 – Bring snacks, drinks, desserts to share…we’ll take a couple breaks during the evening for refreshment and enjoying each other’s good company! – $20 to $40 suggested donation

Looking ahead into 2020,
I’ll be sending two more email announcements, one with the retreats scheduled for next year, and one with information about a ministerial training I’m offering.
And… while you’re happily anticipating THOSE communications, here is an exquisite song from a phenomenal musician. She just blows my mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd6eA1mMkjI

With arms and heart wide open for our precious community!
All blessings of peace through darkness into light,