moon, sister moon

Dear Community,
It is such a sweet honor and privilege to serve this spiritual family! Thank you for your many years of support, confidence, and participation in these yummy gatherings! Let’s keep it up, shall we?

Thursday, November 7th – CHANT in Fort Collins – 7 PM – Unity Church, 1401 W Vine – $10 to $20 suggested

Monday, November 11th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – my house or on Zoom if you live far away.

Friday, November 15th – Dances of Universal Peace in Boulder – 7 PM – Unitarian Universalist Church, 5001 Pennsylvania Ave – want to meet up with us for dinner ahead of time? Let me know and I’ll keep you posted about location…
– Suggested donation for dance is $10 to $10

Saturday, November 16th – Zikr in Denver – 7 PM – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S Monroe St – dessert/snack potluck after Zikr – $10 to $20 suggested donation
Let me know if you wanna meet up for dinner before Zikr.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18th – NO MEDITATION AT MY HOUSE – I’ll be traveling – you
are welcome to tune into the meditation on your own, concentration on As-Samad

MONDAY NOVEMBER 25th – NO MEDITATION AT MY HOUSE – still traveling and/or pooped from traveling – feel free to tune in on your own concentration on Al-Qadir

Thursday November 28th and every day before and every day after… practice gratitude!

Monday, December 2nd – MEDITATION IS BACK! – Come on over! – 9:30 AM – my house or zoom from a distance.

Thursday, December 5th – Chant in Fort Collins – 1401 W Vine – 7 PM – $10 to $20 suggested

Friday, December 6th – Dances of Universal Peace in Boulder – 5001 Pennsylvania Ave – 7 PM – $10 to $20 suggested

The feel good song for this moment:

Good golly, life is sweet.
Live it up!
Love and delight,