impersonating saints

Dear Darling Circling Community,

I’m back!
Want to dance?

Thursday, March 6th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – 344 E Mountain Ave, Fort Collins – $10 suggested

Sunday, March 9th – Chant – 7 PM – 344 E Mountain – $10 suggested

Thursday, March 13th – Dance – 7:30 – E Mountain – $10 suggested

Saturday, March 15th – Sufi Class in Boulder – 6 PM – by donation – 2077 30th St

Thursday, March 20th – Dance – 7:30 PM – E Mountain – $10 suggested

Sunday, March 23rd – Chant – 7 PM – E Mountain – $10 suggested

Thursday, March 27th – Dance – 7:30 PM – E Mountain – $10 suggested

And don’t forget… it’s time to register for: 

1. CHANT RETREAT w/ me and Allaudin – April 25 to 27 – Camp Santa Maria – three glorious days of singing, singing, singing… with dancing and zikr-ing and drumming and basking in lovely, inspiring sounds – catered by the Fabulous Mary Link – $115 for lodging and meals – Twill be Brillig!

2. SUFI YOUTH JAM – April 29 to May 4 – Camp Santa Maria – a very international and exciting contingent of Sufis and Dance folks will be congregating for five days of learning, growing, exploring, enjoying, bonding, communing, attuning and enlivening the bright future of the Sufi Ruhaniat and Dances of Universal Peace – please share the invitation far and wide! – there will be a Saturday afternoon and evening open to everyone! Mark your calendars!

All registration info and flyers are here:

Here are three suggestions for boosting personal optimism:
1. Compare yourself to something less fortunate… for example… I am so glad I’m not a ceiling fan… I would be perpetually dizzy, dusty and/or bored. Gosh I’m lucky by comparison!

2. Count your blessings… for example… wow, I sure am fortunate to have nail clippers, a car jack, and a retractable pen. So many people in the world have to chew off their fingernails, call AAA and write their names in the dirt with a stick.

3. Give up complaining for Lent… can you imagine! My examples are too long to type out… but I think this is brilliant and I’m taking it on even though I didn’t get one of those fashionable ash bindis today, which I am NOT complaining about… just stating.

See you at the dance!