are you confused?

may I suggest walnuts and mass quantities of sesame seeds to alleviate confusion… and as a human supplemental agent, allow me to clarify a couple things for this weekend (before I leave town)… which I should have included in my last mailer, but I forgot to take my brain pill yesterday.

1. Tomorrow – Saturday – I will be leading the Sufi Class at Studio Be (2077 30th St, Boulder) at 6 PM – by donation – we do some practices, breath concentration, readings, etc… seated and sedentary…not very Ruhaniat-like at all…

2. THEN – also Tomorrow – Saturday – Habib and I will be leading the evening Zikr at 7:30 also at Studio Be – $5 donation – dessert potluck – not seated or sedentary – very Ruhaniat-like!

3. Sunday – I will be facilitating the Chant evening in Fort Collins – 7 PM – 344 E Mountain Ave (Art and Science) – $10 suggested donation


Then I’ll be gone… Next planned gatherings upon my return will be… Thursday, March 6th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Fort Collins Sunday, March 9th – Chant – 7 PM – Art and Science


Studio Thursday, March 13th – Dance – 7:30 – Art and Science

Saturday, March 15th – Sufi Class in Boulder AND Zikr in Boulder (6 PM and 7:30 PM, respectively)

Thursday, March 20th – Dance – Fort Collins

Sunday, March 23rd – Chant – Fort Collins

Thursday, March 27th – Dance – Fort Collins


and I think that is quite enough looking ahead and being responsible grown-ups mapping out our calendars into the future…

In this moment, I want to tell you that I do understand fish oil to be the best brain food… but I am a vegetarian and even though little orange, squishy gel caps don’t look like any animal I’ve ever seen, I just can’t condone eating them even if they would make me smarter.

that being said, if you feel your brain really needs a boost, I will not judge you for eating squishy orange gel caps filled with fish oil…

and I also will not judge you for wasting several hours a day solving on-line Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles. (Studies show they are good for you and this form of brain exercise is supposed to stave off dementia. Worth a try. Dementia sucks).

In fact, I will whole-heartedly celebrate you taking such good care of your brain! God knows I’ll be depending more and more on your intelligence as mine continues to plummet into the depths of inanity (that is not a type-o, just a creative use of language, and a very nice word… feel free to look it up).

Love and Good Chocolate to you all!