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Dear Spiritual Family,
Because I really do understand the importance of reverence and spiritual concentration, I would really like to encourage you, for your own happiness and the health of your souls, to follow this link and “like” it:
That’s my genius daughter who is graduating from high school next week. Can you believe it?
I am such a proud mama!
I’m so proud, I could just… just….


Saturday, May 18th – Boulder Community Zikr – 7:30 PM – Studio Be – $5 suggested donation – Habib leading the evening with a guest appearance by yours truly – dessert potluck


Sunday, May 19th – Chant – 135 Circle Dr, Ft. Collins – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation


Monday, May 20th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – 2727 Alan St, Ft Collins – by donation


Tuesday, May 21st – Sufi Study Circle – 7 PM – 2727 Alan St. – by donation


Thursday, May 23rd – Fort Collins Dance – 7:30 PM – 346 E Mountain – $10 suggested donation


Sunday, May 26th – Chant – 135 Circle Dr – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation


Monday, May 27th – NO Sufi Meditation


May 28th – NO Women’s Dance


Thursday, May 30th – NO FORT COLLINS DANCE


Monday, June 3rd – NO SUFI MEDITATION


Tuesday, June 4th – Mama Sing with Sharon Docherty – 10 AM – Avogadro’s 605 S Mason, F.C. – $7 suggested donation


Tuesday, June 4th – Sunrise Ranch Dance with Stephanie Powers and Soma Hunter – 7 PM – 100 Sunrise Ranch Rd. Loveland – $5 to $10 suggested donation


Thursday, June 6th – NO FORT COLLINS DANCE


Monday, June 10th – NO SUFI MEDITATION


Thursday, June 13th – Fort Collins Dance – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested


Saturday, June 15th – Boulder Community Zikr – 7:30 PM – Studio Be – $5 suggested donation and dessert potluck


Sunday, June 16th – Father’s Day Chant – 135 Circle Dr – 7 PM – $7 suggested


Monday, June 17th – Sufi Meditation – 2727 Alan St – 9:30 AM – by donation


Tuesday, June 18th – Sufi Study Circle – 2727 Alan St – 7 PM – by donation


Thursday, June 20th – NO FORT COLLINS DANCE


June 20 to 23 – MEADOWFEST – Registration is still open and we’d love to have you join us! Fun, casual camping, some ritual, drumming, chanting, dancing, potluck dinners, pancakes and coffee provided with love! I do so enjoy making breakfast for all of you!
register by mail or on-line with a credit card.


Monday, June 24th – Sufi Meditation – 2727 Alan St, F.C. – 9:30 AM – by donation


Tuesday, June 25th – Women’s Dance – St Barnabas Church (1280 Vine St, Denver) – 7 PM – $8 suggested donation


Thursday, June 27th – Fort Collins Dance – Art and Science (346 E Mountain) – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested donation


Sunday, June 30th – Chant – 135 Circle Dr, F.C. – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation


September 20 to 23 – Dancing with the Goddess – 4th Annual Women’s Retreat – The Facilitating goddesses are starting to plan this year’s delicious installment! Registration is open! – Go here:
register by mail or on-line with a credit card.



Please bear with me while I say…
peanuts are a waste of a nut. I really don’t like them and I’m not sure why. Well, maybe they’re just boring. Nuts should be nutty, not boring. Eating peanuts is like going into a Baskin Robbins and ordering vanilla ice cream. Why would you do that? Better to eat pistachio ice cream with caramel swirls, chocolate brownies, shredded coconut, and toffee chips. Make the calories REALLY worthwhile!
I must confess, I am the evil person who goes through a bag of trailmix and eats everything EXCEPT the peanuts. I do feel sorry for the people who live with me and have to suffer through my quirky particularity AND the bag full of peanuts!
If I go see a Catholic priest and confess my selfish eccentricities… how many Hail Marys do you suppose would absolve me?
Want to see something disturbing?
I’m going to paint my living room pink and purple.
Aren’t you glad I write these mailers late at night when my intelligent brain has shut down?!
See you in a dance or chant circle, I hope.




P.S. Hey! Did I tell you that I put the mp3 files for chant disc 4 on my website? Well, here it is: