watch for falling rocks

Dear Hearts (by which I mean to say that your hearts are precious, vital, critical and in all ways absolutely indispensable in your current existence… I also mean that you are dear to my heart… take it in whatever way feels most… fun!),

I must admit, I’m very tired and therefore a little more… um… interesting than usual (by which I mean something like non-sense-able or fuzz-brained and I swear to you I have not consumed any substances stronger than chocolate).
My apologies in advance for this installment of…
The Witching Hour’s Latest Schedule of Events!

Thursday, March 7th – That’s TODAY!!! Good Golly… how did Thursday get here so fast? It must drive a MINI Cooper S model! Thursday is smart! – Fort Collins Dance – 346 E Mountain Ave – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested donation – I’ll be with you. Lucky me!

Monday, March 11th – No Sufi Meditation in Fort Collins – but some of us will be holding the circle in Nevada… feel free to join us remotely. Do you have a ouija board? Do those still exist?

Thursday, March 14th – Timothy Dobson leading the Fort Collins Dance (Lucky you!) – Please do let your friends know… this could be a sweet dance reunion for those of you who may have danced with Timothy in Fort Collins for many years… many years ago! – 7:30 PM – 346 E Mountain Ave – $10 suggested donation

Saturday, March 16th – In Silver Spring Maryland – I’m leading an afternoon Dance Leader Deepening workshop at OneCircle (3804 Littleton St) – 1 to 6 PM – $30 suggested donation

IN COLORADO – March 16th – Zikr with Habib! – Studio Be, Boulder – 7:30 PM – $5 suggested donation and dessert potluck

Sunday, March 17th – In Silver Spring Maryland – I’m leading an afternoon workshop on The Aramaic Jesus and whatever else inspires me – 1:30 to 5 PM – also at OneCircle
5 to 6:45 PM – potluck dinner

Sunday, March 17th – In Silver Spring – I’m leading an evening of Zikr (Sufi! Sufi! Ya! Ya! Ya!) – 7 to 9 PM … OneCircle…

THANK YOU Stream and Tania for hosting these events! Your gracious support and generosity are a blessing to the Universe!

Monday, March, 18th – In Philadelphia – I’m leading an evening of Dances and Zikr – 22 E Chestnut Hill Ave – $10 to $20 suggested – contact Sarah Latifa for more information: 610-356-0564 or

THANK YOU Sarah Latifa for hosting and organizing this evening! On with the Dance!

Monday, March 18th – No Sufi Meditation… Or do it on your own. I will.

Wednesday (I think) is an evening of Dance in Floyd Virginia (not sure of details, but let me know if you know folks in the area and I’ll pin it down for you!)

Thursday, March 21st – Habib will lead the Fort Collins Dance – He led such a beautiful program last time I was traveling. I’m so happy to invite him back for you again! – 346 E Mountain – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Friday, March 22nd – Asheville NC – I’m leading Dances – 7 to 9:30 PM – Jubilee Celebration Hall 46 wall St – $15 suggested

Saturday, March 23rd – Asheville – Intergenerational Dances, Games, Stories, Songs and Refreshments – All ages – 1 to 3 PM – Rainbow Mtn School 574 Haywood Rd – I’m excited to be teaming up with Kathryn Ashera Rose and other local leaders and musicians! – by donation

Saturday, March 23rd – Asheville – Zikr Evening – 7:30 to 9:30 PM – Nourish and Flourish 347 Depot St – $10 suggested

Sunday, March 24th – Charge of the Goddess Dance Cycle – for Men and Women! Yes, Men are very welcome to participate! – 7 to 9:30 PM – Town and Mtn Training Center 261 Asheland Ave – $15 suggested

Tuesday, March 26th – Home again, home again – WOMEN’S DANCE in DENVER – 7 PM – St Barnabas Church – $8 suggested donation

Thursday, March 28th – Fort Collins Dance – I’ll be SO HAPPY to be back with you! – 346 E Mountain Ave – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested donation

Sunday, March 31st – Jesus has Risen – Let’s SING!!! – This will NOT actually be a Jesus chant night… but it is a chant night – 135 Circle Dr, Ft Collins – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Monday, April 1st – Play a joke on Allah!!! – Just kidding… – Sufi Meditation is BACK!!! – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln – by donation

Tuesday, April 2nd – Mama Sing – Avo’s (625 S Mason, F.C.) – 10 AM – $7 suggested donation

Tuesday, April 2nd – Sunrise Ranch Dance (100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland) – 7 PM – $5 to $10 suggested donation

Thursday, April 4th – Fort Collins Dance – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Sunday, April 7th – Chant – 135 Circle Dr, FC – 7 PM – $7 suggested

Hey, have I told you that Chant Camp is coming right up? Well, it is! May 3 to 5 – and I’m SUPER, OVER-the-MOON EXCITED!!! Sharon, Mary Ellen and I are making plans for you! Mary Link is planning to cook for you! Shawn (the big boss guy at Camp Santa Maria) knows we’re coming. He’s locking up the wine in the chapel, donning the hockey gear, and hunkering down in preparation for our arrival. Just kidding. He loves us. And we love him!
Seriously, y’all, registration is open! Go here to see the flyer and/or pay the unbelievably reasonable registration fee:

And while you’re visiting the website, signing up for Chant Camp…

You can ALSO register for MEADOWFEST!!! – Can I get a “Yay, Rah!” or maybe a “Blessed Be!” We missed our yearly campout last year because of fire… but this year, there is no way some little sissy flames are going to spoil our fun! Come rain or snow, fire or bears, mountain lions or gusty winds (which I have heard “may exist”)… or whatever natural disasters the Goddess may be cooking up for us in her mischief pot… We are CAMPING!!! June 20 to 23.

Have you seen those road signs that say, “Gusty winds may exist”? I promise you, I am not making this up! I was feeling quite certain that gusty winds exist. I thought I had experienced them myself from time to time. But apparently, the existence of gusty winds is debatable.
Who gets to make up those signs? Doesn’t someone have to approve them? Why don’t they send them to me?

How about the signs that have images of S curves, which read, “next 1 miles” with an “s” at the end of “mile.”


Am I the only person carrying around deep inner confusion and consternation about these travesties? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
If you suffer from a similar malady (distress over inaccurate and/or asinine signage), I invite you to join me in a fool-proof cure in one simple, once-and-for-all step. Are you ready? Wait for it… wait for it…

They are ridiculous. Just interpret the symbols like everyone else. I am utterly convinced the happiness factor of the whole world will increase by a factor of 2. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds like a good thing!
No more reading.