Spiritual and Mundane

Beloved Community,
Unless you deliberately avoid hearing, seeing, reading, or watching anything about the world, I expect you’ve been inundated this week with disturbing and unfathomable stories of suffering. 
It is confounding, the ways of life, death, war, violence, and turmoil. We each long for peace and happiness, and we are so tangled in the cycles of conflict. I have never been able to make sense of humanity, and I often find myself discouraged and frustrated with our limitations as a species, our narrow-sightedness, and potential for hatred and harm. 
When we feel helpless, and heartbroken about the world, and our human family, it can bring courage and hope to pray together. We can cultivate a field of understanding, tolerance, compassion, acceptance, welcome, kindness, to make peace within our own beings so we can authentically radiate peace into the world.
Khabir and I met a woman in a store yesterday. I asked her where her beautiful accent was from. She came very close and whispered, “I am from Iran, I don’t like to say it very loud. I never know how people will respond.” She went on to describe decades of family history, confiding in the warmth of our ready friendship. Simple, sincere, gentle encouragements from us resulted in a long, vulnerable conversation standing in the middle of a store in little ol’ Fort Collins. 
I keep seeing announcements and formal statements from organizations, individuals, leaders, public personalities, spiritual and secular statements coming down on one side or another of various issues. 
My statement is this: 
Intentional violence is unacceptable.
Nature can inflict suffering as She has no choice, just Her own Being.
We humans, with our intelligence, and potential for self-mastery, always have a choice.
In my life, in my home, in my relationships, in my community, and in my work, I am committed to cultivating peace, understanding, tolerance, compassion, and love. 
I will use my voice, heart, hands, and intelligence to shape prayers for healing, harmony, wisdom, and friendship. 
Toward these intentions, we sing and pray. 

Saturday, October 14th – Interfaith Chant and Pray – 7 PM Mountain – We’ll be focusing on the New Moon potential toward peace and the healing of humanity – RSVP if you’d like to join us in my Fort Collins home – or
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Monday, October 16th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (3:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to come over or Zoom Here! 

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Saturday, October 21st – Sufi Circle and Zikr in Denver – 3 PM to 9 PM (9 PM to 3 AM UTC) – with a break for dinner… – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (1939 S Monroe St) – $20 to $50 suggested donation – bring snacks/desserts to share after zikr for our Sufi conversation time if you like…I recommend having a nap early in the day so you can stay up late talking Sufi stuff. – Zoom Here! 

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Friday, October 27th – Sufi Contact Meditation – our usual Noon Zoom time…but with our extended practice, aligned with Sufi friends around the world…typically about 45 minutes of practices – Zoom Here! 

Saturday, October 28th – Interfaith Chant and Pray – Unity Church in Fort Collins (1401 W Vine Dr) – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Sunday UTC) – All are welcome in person – or Zoom Here! – suggested donation $15 to $30

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29th – CLOCKS CHANGE in SOME PARTS of the WORLD…but not in MY part of the world…so pay close attention to calendar coordinations this coming week! 

Monday, October 30th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (3:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to come over…or 
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Tuesday, October 31st – Blessed Samhain! – Honor your own beloved ancestors in every beautiful way!! 

CHERAG TRAINING APPLICATION DEADLINE is OCTOBER 31st – The next cohort begins January 2024 – More info here: https://trigoddess.org/2023/09/07/a-new-invitation/ – and if you’d like to talk with me about the program, I’m happy to answer your questions and support your discernment process. 

Thursday, November 2nd – Githas Class – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Friday UTC) – 
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Saturday, November 4th – Dances of Universal Peace in Denver – 7 PM to 9 PM at the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (1939 S Monroe St) – We’ll meet for dinner before, if you’d like to join us at Mad Greens – Zoom Here! 

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th – TIME CHANGE – MESS UP THE CLOCKS!! MESS UP YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE!! – and have a good excuse for missing appointments for two days. That’s the limit. In Colorado, our clocks go back one hour. Woohoo! 

Monday, November 6th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain Standard Time (4:30 PM UTC) – I don’t know if I’ll be home…so RSVP for SURE if you think you want to go to my house… or just 
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Tuesday, November 7th – VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE!!

Thursday, November 9th – Githas Class – 7 PM Mountain Standard (2 AM Friday UTC) – 
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Cherag Ordination Retreat – December 1st to 4th – at Sunshine Mountain Lodge – REGISTRATION is NOW OPEN FOR ANYONE who wants to join the caravan! We have a handful of spots left. Jump on in if you wish!
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Blessings of Deep Peace and Healing to All, 




Sunday, October 15th – Kinship Coffee with Anjali – 8 AM Mountain (2 PM UTC) – Contact Anjali for more info: corrado.monica@gmail.com

Sunday, October 15th – Way of the Cherag with Rahima – 10 AM Mountain (4 PM UTC) – Zoom Here! 

Wednesday, October 18th – Healing Service with Abdullah Arshad – 2 PM Pacific (3 PM Mountain) – Zoom Here! 

Thursday, October 19th – Zikr with Aliela – 10 AM Mountain (7 PM Moscow, Russia) –  email Aliela for the zoom info: aliela@inbox.ru

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Tuesday, October 24th – Goddess Hour with Themis Waduda – 6:30 PM Pacific (7:30 PM Mountain) –  Zoom Here! 

Thursday, October 26th – Universal Worship Service with Aliela – 10 AM Mountain (7 PM Moscow, Russia) –  email Aliela for the zoom info: aliela@inbox.ru

Wednesday, November 1st – Gathas Class with Abdullah Arshad – 2 PM Pacific (3 PM Mountain) – Zoom Here! 

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