honor and gratitude

Beloved Friends,

In honor of Murshid Wali Ali, a true friend of The Friend, we will shape this evening’s Chant and Pray around his life, service, teachings and dedication to the Path. Friday, November 25th, 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Saturday UTC) – If you’d like to join us in our home, let me know. Or Zoom Here!  – Wali Ali was the most devoted disciple of Murshid SAM, a powerful, sincere teacher and mentor. He enriched my life and I am grateful for the ways he shared the essence of the path of Spiritual Liberty. Blessings and prayers for his soul’s peace. 

Today, Friday, is the monthly Sufi Contact meditation. Our Noon Prayer Zoom will be approximately 45 minutes. Join us for a reading from Inayat Khan and shared practice with Sufi friends around the world. 12 PM Mountain (7 PM UTC) – Zoom Here!  

As many of you have expressed interest in the Spiritual Direction Training Program, and there are some common questions about what it means and how it works, I’d like to invite you to an informational Zoom conversation. This will be an informal discussion focused on your questions and curiosities. 
INFORMATIONAL Q&A ZOOM: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8th – 9 AM Mountain (4 PM UTC) –https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84379484379?pwd=Q2dzQnlRMDUzbUErVS9Idy9Yc1BWQT09
passcode: SDT
And if you already have the info you need and want to apply, we are happy to receive your application until December 10th. Here’s the link with more info: 

Monday, November 28th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – RSVP if you want to come over…or Zoom Here!

Thursday, December 1st – Sufi Class – we have decided to start studying “The Githas” – This is a set of papers from Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, given as the second phase of teachings for mureeds on the path – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!

Sunday, December 4th – Universal Worship Service – 10 AM Mountain (5 PM UTC) – this service will be offered by the group of Cherags and Cherag Candidates from retreat – Nothing fancy…just sharing what we love! – Zoom Here!

Monday, December 5th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – Zooming meditation from the retreat – Zoom Here!

Wednesday, December 7th – Sufi Guides Kinship meeting – 10 AM Mountain (5 PM UTC) – contact me for more info and zoom link. 

Thursday, December 8th – Spiritual Direction Training Info Zoom – See above…

Thursday, December 8th – Sufi Class – The Githas – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!

Monday, December 12th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to join me in person … or Zoom Here!

Thursday, December 15th – Sufi Class – The Githas – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!

Saturday, December 17th – Rumi’s Urs – morning of teachings and practices in my home – 10 AM to 12:30 PM Mountain (5:30 PM UTC)…vegetarian potluck lunch… – RSVP if you plan to join us in person – or Zoom Here! 

Saturday, December 17th – Rumi’s Urs – Zikr in Denver – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Sunday UTC) – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (1939 S Monroe St) – or Zoom Here! 

Sunday, December 18th – Dervish Coffee – Moinuddin has again invited me to share teachings and practices for the weekly Dervish Coffee… 7 AM (yep…SEVEN in the MORNING!!) – (2 PM UTC) – Join us if you like…here’s the zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86089743955?pwd=NjNjdHNnMDJMMFFrUTZUOXBXcjYxZz09

Monday, December 19th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to come over…or Zoom Here! 

Wednesday, December 21st – Universal Worship Service with Rahima Jodie Rain – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Thursday UTC) – RSVP if you want to join us in our home..or Zoom Here! 

Thursday, December 22nd – Sufi Class – The Githas – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here! 

Friday, December 23rd – Chant and Pray – New Moon…- 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Saturday UTC) – RSVP to come over – or Zoom Here! 

Daily prayers – 15 minutes, every day – 12 PM Mountain (7 PM UTC) – Zoom Here! 

JUNE RETREAT – Interfaith Music and Meditation – June 1st to 5th, 2023 – Buckhorn Camp in Bellvue, Colorado – More details soon… 

Sirat-i Inayat has a separate email list and calendar of events. Check out the calendar and/or subscribe here: https://siratiinayat.org/calendar-and-connections/

Youtube channel for Chant and Pray recordings: Sára’s YouTube
OneDrive with daily zikr/song from our noon prayer zooms: Zikr Downloads

Blessings of Love and Peace to All,