Dear Community,
I just came across a lovely song we used to sing together…remember?
Since my calendar has gotten a little squirrelly of late, here are a few important reminders for you: 

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 19th, Rahima is hosting the first “Way of the Cherag” Zoom meeting – 10 AM Mountain (5 PM UTC) – Zoom Here!  – this gathering is open for everyone, with offerings from a few Cherags and Sirajs of Sirat-i Inayat focusing on themes of service and balance in spiritual service

Also tomorrow, Saturday, November 19th – Zikr in Denver – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Sunday UTC) – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S Monroe St. or Zoom Here!  – $15 to $30 suggested donation helps cover expenses – bring snack/dessert to share afterward while we talk Sufi stuff if you like
And, if you’d like to join us for dinner, we’ll meet at Junction Food, corner of Colorado and Buchtel at 5 or 5:30 PM

We are currently accepting applications and inquiries for the Spiritual Direction Training Program – we are happy to answer questions and help you discern whether this training is a good choice for you. Applications will be received until December 10th. Program begins January, 2023. More info here: 

Monday, November 21st – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – let me know if you want to come over…or Zoom Here!


Friday, November 25th – Sufi Contact Meditation – 12 PM Mountain (7 PM UTC) – extended noon prayer process…45 minutes or so – Zoom Here!

Friday, November 25th – Interfaith Chant and Pray – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Saturday UTC) – RSVP if you want to come sing with me in my home…or Zoom Here!

Monday, November 28th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – RSVP if you want to come over…or Zoom Here!

Thursday, December 1st – Sufi Class…we might be changing up the text…but we’ll definitely sing, read, discuss, and enjoy each other’s good company and insights – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!

Sunday, December 4th – Universal Worship Service – 10 AM Mountain (5 PM UTC) – yes, we’ll be at retreat…and we’ll be holding Universal Worship Service as a group and y’all are welcome to join us via zoom – don’t expect anything fancy…just a bunch of cherags and cherags in training sharing what we love! – Zoom Here!

Monday, December 5th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – yes, we’re still at retreat, but zooming meditation because it’s good use of our time and consistent rhythm of practice – Zoom Here!

Wednesday, December 7th – Sufi Guides Kinship meeting – 10 AM Mountain (5 PM UTC) – contact me for more info and zoom link. 

Thursday, December 8th – Sufi Class – not sure of the text yet…but it’ll be Murshid..and us…doing what we do – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!

Monday, December 12th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (4:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to join me in person … or Zoom Here!

Thursday, December 15th – Sufi Class… ditto above…7 PM Mountain (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!

Saturday, December 17th – Rumi’s Urs – would you like to have a longer afternoon of dedicated Sufi time in honor of Rumi’s Urs?…then we’ll definitely have our usual Zikr evening 7 PM to 9 PM  at the Miracle Center…I’m working on plans for the afternoon…will give you more details shortly… mark your calendar! 

Sunday, December 18th – Dervish Coffee – Moinuddin has again invited me to share teachings and practices for the weekly Dervish Coffee… 7 AM (yep…SEVEN in the MORNING!!) – (2 PM UTC) – Join us if you like…here’s the zoom link:

Daily prayers – 15 minutes, every day – 12 PM Mountain (7 PM UTC) – Zoom Here! 

SAVE THE DATES FOR JUNE RETREAT – Interfaith Music and Meditation – June 1st to 5th, 2023 – Buckhorn Camp in Bellvue, Colorado – More details soon… 

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Youtube channel for Chant and Pray recordings: Sára’s YouTube
OneDrive with daily zikr/song from our noon prayer zooms: Zikr Downloads

Love in Abundance,