Sirat-i Inayat Blessing Ceremony

Dear Friends, Family, Community,
I am excited and humming with love!
Please accept this invitation and reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday, September 13th) is the formal Dedication and Blessing Ceremony for our new Sufi order and church: Sirat-i Inayat.

If you are able to join us in person, we’ll be at the Unity Church in Fort Collins.
Ceremony begins at 10 AM, so please arrive 15 minutes ahead of that.
I expect the ceremony to last 60 to 90 minutes…but I really don’t know since there are lots of moving parts and people!

We will have iced tea, lemonade and CAKE!!! (gluten-full and gluten-free).

If you can’t join us in person, please join us on the zoom.
10 AM Mountain
9 AM Pacific
11 AM Central
12 PM Eastern
6 PM Germany
7 PM Moscow

This ceremony will include blessings from some beloved friends: Rabbi Shefa Gold, Pir Moinuddin Christopher Clarke, Jesse Morgaina, Rahchayl Rain and maybe others… Plus it will be the formal acknowledgements and prayers for the each of the leaders in Sirat-i Inayat, the board members, cherags, shaikhs, mu’alims and mu’alimahs…all the beautiful friends of the Friend that will be carrying responsibilities of leadership in our community. 

Here is the Zoom link, which is the same one we use for daily prayer zooms, meditation, etc:

With Great Love!