In Tune with the Infinite

Dear Friends, Beloved Ones of God, 
Probably you have all seen announcements of all the “Universal Worship Services” happening around the world, I hope you’ll be able to tune in for at least one of them. 

This afternoon, Rahima Jodie is officiating one at Treehenge in Fort Collins. You are welcome to attend if you wish. 4 PM Mountain (just east of Lee Martinez Park). 

Tomorrow evening, Friday, May 7th I’m officiating a Universal Worship Service in my home and online. The theme is “Realizing Truth” – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Saturday UTC) – Here’s the Zoom link:
Or send me an email if you’d like to attend in person…there’s space for one or two more of you: 

This evening, Thursday, May 6th is Gathas Class – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Friday, UTC) – bring a doughnut if you wish. I will! – A bit of music, wazifa, reading and discussing Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan’s teachings…Zoom!

Sunday, May 9th – Call yo’ Mama! – It’s Mother’s Day…do some gardening…and give thanks for the Great Mama that has given rise to your existence! Alhamdu-Mama!

Monday, May 10th – and every Monday morning – Sufi Meditation – one hour of prayers, meditation, reading and recitation of a Beautiful Name of God…join us any week that works for you…9:30 AM Mountain (3:30 PM UTC) – Zoom!
or let me know if you want to join me in my home…

Thursday May 13th – Gathas Class – all the same info as above 

Saturday, May 15th – ZIKR, BABY!! – Sufi style singing. embodying, and attuning to the all-pervading Reality! – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Sunday, UTC) – ZOOM!!!
Or let me know if you want to join me in my home…

Monday, May 17th – Sufi Meditation – all the same info as above 

Thursday, May 20th – Gathas Class – as above, so below

Saturday, May 22nd is my mama’s birthday! 70 years young! Alhamdu-Mama, indeed! I’ll be out of town for a couple days…but will arrange for someone to lead prayers in my absence. Send some love and appreciations to Rahchayl Rain…without my mom, I wouldn’t be here, sharing all this LOVE with all of YOU!!! 

Monday, May 24th – Sufi Meditation – as above, so below

Thursday, May 27th – Gathas Class

Friday, May 28th – Chant, Dance, Pray – Interfaith musical deliciousness…7 PM Mountain (1 AM, Saturday, UTC) – ZOOM!!!
or let me know if you want to come sing with me in person…not sure if it will be indoor or outdoor…weather and stuff… 

Monday, May 31st – Sufi Meditation – ditto

Thursday, June 3rd – Gathas – ditto

Friday, June 4th – Chant, Dance, Pray…again!! YAY!!! See above…

Friday, June 11th – Unveiling the Beloved part 7!! – Khabir and I are coming to you through the Zoom-o-sphere in celebration of JOY!! LAUGHTER!! PLAY!! – It’s Khabir’s last week of being 49! Our theme is “JoyfulJoyful!” – 10 AM Mountain, 6 PM Germany (4 PM UTC) – We’ll have two hours of spiritual happiness…stories, practices, music and butterflies…then straight into our usual daily zoom prayers (15 minutes)
You can send monetary appreciations here:

DAILY PRAYER ZOOM CONTINUES UNABATED!! – Every single day…15 minutes of prayer, music, and sweet friends – 12 PM Mountain (6 PM UTC) – Zoom!
In the Love, Harmony and Beauty!