ooh, mama!

Spiritual Community is Sweet! 
Even when we’re meeting online, it nourishes our hearts to see each other, to share prayers, music, and to co-create a sacred experience. Thank you, friends, for helping keep the connections humming and thriving in our unusual circumstances!

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 10th is Mother’s Day! My mama asked me to come sing with her! Lucky me! Wanna come? You are welcome to join us online! 7 PM Mountain Time – (Monday 1 AM UTC) – Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/505295922 – a few of us will also be together in person, but if you didn’t tell me you’re coming, please don’t just show up. We’re keeping it very small.

EVERY MONDAY – we’re still holding our weekly Sufi Meditation online – same Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/505295922 – 9:30 AM Mountain Time (3:30 PM UTC) – one hour of Sufi prayers, readings, and meditation

EVERY FRIDAY – we’re keeping the rhythm of “Chant, Dance and Prayer” – 7 PM Mountain (Saturday, 1 AM UTC) – always the same Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/505295922

EVERY SINGLE DAY – 15 minutes of Sufi prayers – 12 PM Mountain time (6 PM UTC) – Zoom, darlings! https://zoom.us/j/505295922

SATURDAY ZIKR!!! – May 16th – lots of music, movement, prayerful remembrance, Sufi teachings, rowing, rowing, rowing… – 7 PM MDT (Sunday, 1 AM UTC) – Still Zooming! https://zoom.us/j/505295922

MeadowFest is still on! Campout with the Pagans and Pagan-friendlies! – June 25 to 28 – Jack’s Gulch – registration here: https://trigoddess.org/special-events/ 

Fall Sufi Retreat is still one! – “Awakening Love: Sufi Devotion, Power and Presence” with Murshid Rahmat Moore (my teacher!) and me! – at the Buckhorn Camp in Bellvue, Colorado – September 30th to October 4th – registration is open: https://trigoddess.org/special-events/

If money is a way you like to show appreciation, you can send it to me here: https://www.paypal.me/sararain THANK YOU!

And, aren’t you so lucky! Michael has started supplying me with essential amusements like “Where the Wild Things Are” read by Christopher Walken. I kid you not! Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKNaYlzssbc&feature=emb_logo (parental advisory: explicit lyrics included!) 

Continuing the practices for polishing the heart, clearing the awareness, being fully present and developing compassion! 
Love and Peace,