Beltane, Baby!

Dear Friends,

Well, the world continues to be an interesting place, wouldn’t you say? Earth continues to turn and tilt her way around the Sun, the elements continue their gorgeous dance, breathing in, breathing out…
Still offering community gatherings from home. Please feel very welcome to join in as you’re able: 

BELTANE!!! Friday, May 1st – we’ll do a little Zoom celebration with chant, dance, and our best intentions for the world! – 7 PM MDT – on the Zoom, darlings! –

And, for the time being, every single day, 15 minute prayer practice at noon MDT – Zoom, Zoom! –

Monday Sufi Meditations continue – 9:30 AM MDT, online… and I’ll let you know when folks will be invited back into my living room…but even then, we’ll continue the Zoom-able practice –

Friday evenings – Chant, Dance, Pray – 7 PM MDT, online… –

Saturday, May 16th – Zikr – 7 PM MDT – still Zooming! –

Can I just say, holding these gatherings online has opened up the circle to include friends across the country and internationally, which has been SO FUN!! In the last month we’ve had friends join us from Chile, Ecuador, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, Spain, Egypt, Norway…Technology really does make miracles possible and I’m grateful! 

I’m currently planning for MeadowFest to carry on…Camping out at Jack’s Gulch – June 25 to 28 – registration here: 

And I’m definitely planning for the autumnal Sufi Retreat! – “Awakening Love: Sufi Devotion, Power and Presence” with me and Rahmat Moore – registration here:

Financial appreciations for my good work in the world can be sent here with all my gratitude!

A dear friend has been sending out a consistent stream of inspired videos, songs, stories and amusements. Here’s the best one to date (Thank you, Karla!):

Beltane Blessings to Each Precious One of YOU!