hobby time!

Dear Friends near and far,  good thing we’re adaptable!

The world is awakening into full-blown Spring and we are simultaneously drawing inward…home, home, home…good thing it’s sweet!
Do you need more spiritual juju to keep yourself sustained, hopeful, strong, resourced…
I welcome you to keep the connections and community energy humming along online!

For my own ease and yours… let’s simplify the calendar: 

EVERY FRIDAY starting March 27th and going until we’re told otherwise…we’ll have singing and dancing and Sufi-ing practice 7 PM MDT on Zoom. Here’s the link, which is different than what I’ve sent before: https://zoom.us/j/505295922

EVERY MONDAY starting March 30th and going until we’re told otherwise…we’ll have Sufi Meditation 9:30 AM MDT on Zoom. Same link as ever and always! https://zoom.us/j/505295922
If you plan to join us for meditation, please let me know ahead of time so I can send you the prayers. 

SATURDAY, April 18th – ZIKR…only Zikr, all Zikr, nothing but Zikr (well, and Sufi teaching time and Wazifa…you know the spiel) – 7 PM MDT – on Zoom. https://zoom.us/j/505295922

MEADOWFEST!!! June 25 to 28 – Come hang out in the woods with us! Jack’s Gulch Campground (just northwest of Ft Collins) – I’ll make pancakes! Chanting, dancing, fire circles, nature and nice friends… let’s do it! Registration here: https://trigoddess.org/special-events/ 

SUFI RETREAT!!! September 30th to October 4th – “Awakening Love: Sufi Devotion, Power and Presence” with Murshid Rahmat and me! Buckhorn Camp – registration open: https://trigoddess.org/special-events/

If you are feeling flush and grateful, and if you have a desire to support me in the services I provide our community, here’s an easy way to contribute! Thank you! paypal.me/sararain 

If you’re feeling a hankering for a facelift, try this (plenty of time at home to binge watch what makes you smile, right?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7fZBoNjqqY 

See you in cyberspace… 
Peace and Sunshine,