the times they are a-changin’!

Dear Community, I know nothing, I’m happy to say.

I’m watching the world, paying attention to the changing scenery, noticing my own heart, thoughts, and experience, and doing what I can to offer what is mine to give. I trust each of you are doing the same, in your own way. Please bear with me as I lay out my current plans, based purely on my own personal sense. Y’all have my complete loving support in making decisions according to your own highest wisdom.

Friday, March 20th – Singing our prayers a la mode Dances of Universal Peace – 7 PM – ONLINE!! Here’s the Zoom link:
AND… also, in person for up to 10 participants. If you personally feel comfortable, healthy, and at ease about it, you are welcome to join me at 449 Clover Lane, Fort Collins. RSVP to me directly: We will cap participation at 10 people. 

Saturday, March 21st – ZIKR – 7 PM – ONLINE!! Here’s the Zoom link:
AND… also, in person for up to 10 participants. Same as above, RSVP to me: – 449 Clover Lane, Fort Collins, capped at 10 participants.

Monday, March 23rd – Sufi Meditation at my house (yes, I’m happy to welcome you to my house) – 9:30 AM
AND….also, online! Contact me for the Zoom link because I will also need to send you the set of prayers we use.  

Friday, March 27th – Singing Dances of Universal Peace – 7 PM – ONLINE!!
And… also in-person, same deal, up to 10 people, 449 Clover Ln, RSVP to me.

Monday, March 30th – Sufi Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM – come on over… 

Friday, April 3rd – Singing Dances of Universal Peace – 7 PM – ONLINE!! 
And…also in-person, you know the spiel by now. 

Monday, April 6th – Sufi Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

Friday, April 10th – Chant – online…and in-person…I think… 7 PM – If I end up traveling this day, I’ll let you know… are you making peace with uncertainty? I am. 

Monday, April 13th – Sufi Meditation ONLINE only… 9:30 AM – I’ll be out of state, so join me on the Zoom! 

Friday, April 17th – NO DANCE…not even online…definitely a travel day for me. Sorry. 

Saturday, April 18th – Zikr… let’s wait and see whether we can be back in the circle in Denver…definitely planning to hold Zikr…just not sure in this moment what our venue will be. Stay tuned! 

MEADOWFEST!!! June 25 to 28 – Come hang out in the woods with us! Jack’s Gulch Campground (just northwest of Ft Collins) – I’ll make pancakes! Chanting, dancing, fire circles, nature and nice friends… let’s do it! Registration here:

SUFI RETREAT!!! September 30th to October 4th – “Awakening Love: Sufi Devotion, Power and Presence” with Murshid Rahmat and me! Buckhorn Camp – registration open:

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Do you have too much money in your account and want to send some of it to me in gratitude for the services I provide? Here’s a link! 

Love, Light, Joy, Peace!