Dear Community,
Come on over!

SUFI MEDITATION – Monday, July 3rd – 9:30 AM – my house

FOURTH OF JULY – Please don’t light things on fire. I was joking about that. Maybe stay home with a nice cup of tea (British), enjoy a quiet day eating ice cream (Arabic), and playing parcheesi (Indian).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZRAT PIR-O-MURSHID INAYAT KHAN!! July 5th! Toward the One! Suhrawardi and Karima are hosting movie night at their home in Boulder. I’ll be there.

NYLAND DANCE of UNIVERSAL PEACE – Thursday, July 6th – 3525 Nyland Way, Lafayette – we’ll honor Pir-O-Murshid’s message of spiritual liberty – the program will be led by: me, Jelaluddin, Mary Ellen, Khadijah, Qadriya, Waduda, Rebecca… full evening! Come one, come all! – 7 PM to 9 PM – $10 suggested donation

SUFI MEDITATION ONLINE! – Monday, July 10th – Don’t go to my house. I won’t be there. If you want to join the Zoom meditation, let me know. 9:30 AM.

MENDOCINO SUFI CAMP – July 16th to 23rd… I’m on staff to lead dances. Nice, eh? Get registered! Here’s the link: http://mendosuficamp.org/

NO ZIKR the 15th



YES ZIKR Saturday July 29th! – I know, weird, right? – It’s the only Saturday in July I could do it. Please come. I’ll be all fired up from all these Sufi shenanigans in other places… ready for a home-turf, home-grown, home-spun, ZIKR!! – 7 PM – 1939 S Monroe, Denver (Miracle Center) – $10 suggested donation and dessert potluck


Don’t forget about the Toward the One retreat here in Colorado with me, Maitreya and Khabir… October 5th to 9th. Info and registration here: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/

OMG! I just found the most perfect video for you!
Can you believe it?

Blessings all a-round!
(round, like a doughnut)