pencils have erasers

Dear Ones,

I am happy to say, we’ll be dancing momentarily at Art and Science in Fort Collins. 7:30 PM 346 E Mountain Ave. The air is clear and we’ll concentrate the evening on “Soothing Waters.”

I am sad to say, Meadowfest is cancelled. Jack’s Gulch is closed due to fire. If you have sent in registration, your money will be refunded in full. Our deep apologies on behalf of the Gods of Fire and their disrespect for our human plans.

I am happy to say, I will schedule some alternate community activities for the Meadowfest time-frame in Fort Collins:

THURSDAY the 21st, 7:30 PM – DANCE and SOLSTICE RITUAL – I will lead the evening… and we are DEFINITELY going out for ice cream after! And if necessary, we’ll chase the ice cream with beer.

FRIDAY the 22nd – BREAKFAST at MY HOUSE – Come over between 9 AM and noon – I’ll have pancakes and scrambled eggs, coffee and cream, yogurt and fresh fruit, juice and milk, gluten-free cakes for those of you who like that sort of thing, vegetarian faux sausage, and Richard the Great is bringing over his famous ham (hopefully cooked before he gets into my kitchen, cause I’m not down with that!) – RSVP – RSVP – RSVP – RSVP – RSVP!!! Notice my address isn’t here. You have to RSVP!!!

SATURDAY the 23rd – SUPER CHANT! – 135 Circle Drive in Fort Collins (thank you Halima and Lyle!) – 6 PM POTLUCK (bring vegetarian food/drink to share) – 7 PM to midnight SINGING, SINGING, SINGING… bring all your vocal chords…

The rest of the June mailer is still up and running.
See you soon.
Love and Syrupy Goodness!