sunglasses at night

Dear Ones,

As the days shrink and night is upon us earlier, we miss out on so much opportunity to wear shades… sad, I know.
Like I said, there is now a brand spanking new Thursday evening dance in Fort Collins, every single week (we might take a break for Thanksgiving… but it’s a couple months away yet).
I’m psyched and jazzed and excited and geared up for this shiny possibility to expand the Fort Collins dancing community.
I do hope we’ll have a good, solid group to get it going and make it sustainable.
Plan B, if after a couple months it doesn’t seem to be working out, I’ll start a drinking club at the Crown Pub. Just so you know the options.
Here’s the event line-up:

Thursday, August 25th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Art and Science studio 346 E Mountain Ave, Fort Collins – $10 (or what you can afford)

Friday, August 26th – Chant – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13, Fort Collins – $7 suggested donation – by the way, starting in September, I’m moving chants away from Fridays so as not to bunch it up with the dance… consider yourselves warned!)

Monday, August 29th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln, Fort Collins – by donation

Wednesday, August 31st – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Clayton Learning Center, northwest corner MLK Jr Blvd and Colorado, Denver – I’m leading in Timothy’s absence – $10

Thursday, September 1st – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Art and Science, 346 E Mountain – $10

Sunday, September 4th – Chant – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – $7 suggested donation

Monday, September 5th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover – by donation

Tuesday, September 6th – Mama Sing – 10 AM – Avogadro’s Number 605 S Mason, Ft Collins – by donation

Wednesday, September 7th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Clayton Learning Center, Denver – I’m leading again – $10

Thursday, September 8th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Fort Collins – $10

Friday, September 9 to Monday, September 12 – Dancing with the Goddess – Women’s Retreat – Camp Santa Maria – I’m still letting ladies sign up until our fabulous cook, Mary Link, says she can’t accommodate any more. Let me know if you’re planning to come!

NO SUFI CIRCLE SEPTEMBER 12th!!! – All the ladies will be up the hill retreating… Allah will have to wait until next week.

Thursday, September 15th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:30 PM – Art and Science, Ft Collins – $10

Saturday, September 17th – Peace in the Park – Civic Park, Loveland, at the Foote Lagoon – 12 PM to 6 PM – I’ll be doing some inter-faith blessing thing to kick off the festival around noon.

Saturday, September 17th – Community Zikr in Boulder – 7:30 PM – Studio Be (on 30th St) – the monthly shin-dig – toward the one and all that -Habib leads most of the evening but lets me jump in the mix for part of it – $5 suggested donation

Sunday, September 18th – Kalliope at the Sustainable Living Fair – Sharon and I are cooking up some fun tunes to share with all the Earth lovers – 1 PM to 2 PM – Legacy Park, Fort Collins

Monday, September 19th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln – by donation

Thursday, September 22nd – Dance in Fort Collins – 7:30 PM – $10

Saturday, September 24th – MABON CHANT MARATHON!!!! – 7 PM to 12 midnight – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – this was so awesome when we did it in June, let’s try again, shall we? -Suggested donation $10 to $40 – of course, please bring veg-head snacks/drinks to share – we’ll have a couple breaks during our uber-chant… woo-hoo! (Happy Equinox, by the way)

Monday, September 26th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover – by donation

Tuesday, September 27th – New Moon Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – 7 PM – St Barnabas Church (1280 Vine St, Denver) – Hey ladies, this dance is in danger of disappearing… if you like it and want to keep it, come dance with us, and bring a friend – suggested donation $7

Thursday, September 29th – Dance in Fort Collins – 7:30 PM – $10

Friday, September 30th – Happy Birthday to Rumi!!!

My fingers are sore and swollen from typing. So this month you get nothing but a little story about pickles and jam.
Once upon a time, the autumn berries were gathered in and asked, “darling, would you prefer to be pie, jam, or just gobbled up raw and juicy fresh?” The blackberries hemmed and hawed and said “oh me, oh my, what a pickle!” while the raspberries guffawed and said “oh my, oh me, what a jam!” The end.
I really don’t know where this stuff comes from.
But I love you, and I’m tickled and pleased to be offering events this month with some juicy enthusiasm for the unfolding.
Happy harvesting!

P.S. If you missed my attunement about sacred doughnuts at the last chant, remind me to repeat it sometime soon. It’s a treat!