androcles and the lion

Good Golly, It’s HOT!!! Let’s hear it for summer days that entice your skin to melt off your bones and your eyeballs to sweat! I LOVE it when my teeth swelter and my barefeet turn to sandpaper!
So, here’s the late ice cream scoop of summer events.
By the by, the best ice cream in Fort Collins is still at Walrus (125 W Mountain Ave).

Sunday – CANCELLATION ! ! – No Lammas Ritual. Celebrate in your own way…

Monday, August 2nd – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln, Ft Collins – Focus on “Al-Qahhar” “The Subduer” – by donation

Tuesday, August 3rd – Mama Sing – 10 AM – Avogadro’s Number (605 S Mason, Ft Collins) – by donation

Tuesday, August 3rd – Zikr – 7:30 PM – Congregation Har Shalom (725 W Drake, Ft Collins) – $7 suggested donation

Wednesday, August 4th to Sunday, August 8th – Dragonfest – Iannin and I will be co-leading a workshop on chanting and drumming Friday afternoon – Lots of community, ritual, workshops, drumming and dancing, fire circles, etc.!

Monday, August 9th – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln – Focus on “Al-Wahhab” “The Bestower” – by donation

Tuesday, August 10th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7 PM – Sunrise Ranch (100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland) – $5 suggested donation

Friday the 13th – Chant – 7 PM – 230 N Sunset, Ft Collins – $7 suggested donation

Monday, August 16th – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln – focus on “Ar-Razzaq” “The Provider” – by donation

Monday, August 23rd – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln – focus on “Al-Fattah” “The Opener” – by donation

Tuesday, August 24th – Charge of the Goddess Full Moon Women’s Dance – 7 PM – St. Barnabas Church (13th and Vine, Denver) – We’ll spend the whole evening celebrating the Goddess, singing and dancing the entire Charge of the Goddess cycle – Let your women friends know! – $7 suggested donation

Friday, August 27th – Kalliope – 6 PM (be punctual if you want to catch us… we only play until 7) – performance at the F/Stop Cafe (400 N College Ave, Ft Collins) – part of the Tri-Tone Summer Series – $6 (and we get paid a bit extra for every blessed one of you that goes up to the counter and tells the barista that you’re there to see “Kalliope!”)

Saturday (yes, Saturday), August 28th – Chant – 7 PM – 818 Cherry St – $7 suggested donation

Monday, August 30th – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln – focus on “Al-Alim” “The All-Knowing” – by donation

I’ve just started coordinating a gorgeous group of Goddesses to put on a weekend retreat!
“Dancing with the Goddess” will be a 3 night, 4 day women’s retreat October 29th to November 1st (I think) – I’ve invited lots of local leaders to contribute to creating a magical weekend of ritual, dance, music, and community. If you have any suggestions for excellent locations for this event, please let me know! – Stay tuned for more details!

For those moments in life when you just need a little mood-boosting, I highly recommend skinny dipping, flourless chocolate cake, Coca Cola (’cause it’s a classic), stay-at-home movies (the more sappy the better: Mamma Mia is terrific!), champagne bubble baths, bumper cars, lots of sleep, and if all else fails (or even if all else works), you can get a prescription for medical marijuana. Everyone else is doing it!

Happy Circling in the Heat Haze,

Boys and Girls, I’m teasing about the marijuana and champagne. Champagne is gross, and if you’re really that unhappy you can get coffee and Valium without becoming a current affairs statistic.