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My Dear Circlers,
Are you dizzy from circling? Are you woozy from zikring? Are you
fuzzy from drinking too much winter mead? I have no fixes or
suggestions... just a completely unrelated request of the
Universe... Can we please ditch this whole freezing cold, clinging
icicle, drizzling winter hum-drudgery and get into SPRING!?!?!

Sunday, Feb 28th - Full Moon Ritual - 7 PM - 5000 Boardwalk #13 -
RSVP - Adults only - $10 suggested donation

Monday, Mar 1st - Sufi Meditation Circle - 9:30 AM - 449 Clover Ln -
focus on "Al-Badi" "The Originator" - by donation

Tuesday, Mar 2nd - Mama Sing - 10 AM - Avogadro's Number,
605 S Mason - by donation

Tuesday, Mar 2nd - Zikr - 7:30 PM - Congregation Har Shalom,
725 W Drake - $7 suggested donation

Wednesday, Mar 3rd - Dance of Universal Peace - 7:30 PM -
Christ United Methodist Church (7th and Colorado, Denver) -
I am leading in Timothy's absence - $10 at the door

Friday, Mar 5th to Sunday, Mar 7th - Sufi Retreat - Sunrise Ranch -
follow the link to register: -
Yes, you can still sign up...

Monday, Mar 8th - Sufi Meditation Circle - 9:30 AM - 449 Clover Ln
- Focus on "Al-Baqi" "The Ever Enduring" - by donation

Tuesday, Mar 9th - Dance of Universal Peace - 7 PM - Sunrise Ranch
(100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland) - Suggested donation $5

Friday, Mar 12th - Chant - 7 PM - 5000 Boardwalk #13 -
Suggested donation $7

Saturday, Mar 13th - The powers that be are still dictating that we
screw up our already faulty relationship with time by pushing the
"hour" button once, at some point in the middle of the night
(officially 1 AM, I think) - DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME BEGINS!!!! Did you
know that 27% of all American Christians, who are usually steadfast
and hyper-committed, will miss church Sunday March 14th this year?
Just saying. Don't forget to change your clock. God's expectations
are not to be ignored.

Sunday, Mar 14th - Chant w/ Covenant of the River - 5:30 potluck,
6:15 chant - 2616 Darren St, Fort Collins - RSVP to me

Monday, Mar 15th - Sufi Meditation Circle - 9:30 AM - 449 Clover Ln
- focus on "Al-Warith" "The Inheritor of All" - by donation


Monday, Mar 22nd - Sufi Meditation Circle - 9:30 AM - 449 Clover Ln
- focus on "Ar-Rashid" "Teacher and Knower" - by donation

Tuesday, Mar 23rd - Women's Dance - 7 PM - St Barnabas Church
(1280 Vine, Denver) - Suggested donation $7

Friday, Mar 26th - Chant - 7 PM - 230 N Sunset St (Kiri and Mark's) -
Suggested donation $7

Monday, Mar 29th - Sufi Meditation Circle - 9:30 AM - 449 Clover Ln
- Focus on "As-Sabur" "The Patient" - by donation

Coffee Community Update: Are you curious? Well, let me tell you...
After our awesome community potluck, conversation and ritual on
Imbolc... We (Tim, Jodie, and I, along with Christine) have been
working on foundational pieces to pull this project together...
We have registered a business "The Community Cup" which is the
official coffee shop aspect - We are wading through forms and
applications to get "Kosi," the non-profit entity, up and running
- We have been scouting out locations around town... nothing
stunningly perfect yet, but a couple interesting options near
Old Town... We are still happy to hear your suggestions and get your
help in all sorts of ways - We will be organizing some fundraising
in the next couple weeks and more actively pursuing the perfect
building... Feel free to ask questions and offer support in
any/every way!

To RSVP for ritual, for more information about any of these wacky
events, to offer assistance for Ostara, Kosi, or the Save-a-Beagle
Foundation, for backward jump-roping classes, or to have your picture
taken with the last snow man on earth (disappearing by mid-March,
not to return until January of 2011, I saw him this week, he has
crazy twigs for his wild hair!), please do call or e-mail me, your
sufi-god/dess-loving-organ-grinding-organizer, Moi!
Maybe I should lay off the caffeine!
Love and Spring Fever-ish blessings!


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