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Hey, guess what!
I added a couple things to my website: There is now a page for the Sufi Circle, and a couple pictures. I feel like such a geek. Thanks Tim!
Several changes and strange-ness this month. You’d think the Pagans were involved or something.
Hope to see you at some of these things…

Monday, November 23rd – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – 9:30 AM – by donation

Tuesday, November 24th – Women’s Dance – St. Barnabas Church in Denver – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation – …and… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JODIE!!!!

Wednesday, November 25th – Dance of Universal Peace – Christ Church United Methodist (690 Colorado Blvd, Denver) – I am leading the evening – 7:30 PM – $10

Thursday, November 26th – Give Thanks – All day long – and all night too – and every day before and after that as well!

Friday, November 27th – Chant – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Monday, November 30th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – 9:30 AM – by donation

Tuesday, December 1st – mama sing – ALERT!! ALERT!! MAMA SING HAS MOVED!!! – Bring the babies to Lee Martinez Park, the playground is our playground! The shelter nearby is available for wind or rain protection. And if it’s cold and snowy or otherwise nasty, I’ll send out an e-mail re-scheduling. – 10 AM – by donation

Tuesday, December 1st – Zikr – Fort Collins Yoga Center (210 E Oak Street) – 7:30 PM – $7 suggested donation – this prayerful evening has been such a rich and delicious gathering so far. Come on out and deepen into the Sufi experience!

Wednesday, December 2nd – Full Moon Ritual – Please be timely with your RSVP’s. I base ritual plans on the number of participants. Help me out with that, will ya? – 5000 Boardwalk, #13 – 7 PM –  $10 suggested donation

Friday, December 4th – Chant – 5000 Boardwalk, #13 – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Monday, December 7th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln, Fort Collins – 9:30 AM – focus on “Malik-ul-Mulk” “The Owner of Sovereignty” – by donation

Tuesday, December 8th – Dance of Universal Peace – Sunrise Ranch (100 Sunrise Ranch Rd, Loveland) – 7 PM – $5 suggested donation

Thursday, December 10th – Singin’ Sisters Night Out – 7 PM – Avogadro’s Number – No children and no men por favor!

Monday, December 14th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – 9:30 AM – focus on “Dhu-l-Jalali wa-l-`ikram” “The Lord of Majesty and Generosity” – by donation

Friday, December 18th – Chant – 230 N Sunset St (Kiri and Mark’s house, Fort Collins) – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Saturday, December 19th – Zikr – Studio Be (2077 30th St, Boulder) – I am leading the evening – 630 to 8:30 PM – $5 suggested donation

Saturday, December 19th – Yule at the Mercury Cafe (2199 California St, Denver), starting around 8 PM – Tuatha, dancing, ritual… I will be leading a late evening ritual around 10 PM – $13

Sunday, December 20th – Yule Celebration – Masonic Temple (225 W Oak, Fort Collins) – 5:30 PM – Family friendly, potluck, gift exchange, drum circle and ritual – RSVP – $10 per adult suggested donation

Monday, December 21st – NO SUFI CIRCLE

Tuesday, December 22nd – Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – St Barnabas Church (1280 Vine St, Denver) – 7 PM – $7 suggested donation

Friday, December 25th – Sing it loud and proud, everyone!! – “Happy Birthday to Jesus, Happy Birthday to the Lamb of God (whatever that means), Happy Birthday to the savior of all humanity, Happy Birthday to the Super Star!!! And many more!!”

Monday, December 28th – Sufi Circle – 449 Clover Ln – 9:30 AM – focus on focus on “Al Muqsit” “The Equitable” – by donation

Wednesday, December 30th – Blue Moon Ritual – 5000 Boardwalk, #13 – 7 PM – RSVP ASAP OEPE WWJD – $10 suggested donation

Thursday, December 31st – New Year’s Eve Dance of Universal Peace – Starhouse (3472 Sunshine Canyon Dr, Boulder) – contact Timothy for advance tickets:

Sufi Retreat for March, 2010 now available online! Follow the link:
Print it out, Fill it in, Pop it in the mailbox! I’m so looking forward to another weekend of prayer with you!

To RSVP for rituals, for directions, more information, or just because you want to make sure there’s a live person over here and not some smart-ass computer generating strange inter-faith tumble-jumble e-mails… feel free to call or e-mail (970)227-5275 or And hey, if you have a hard time with the holidays, have some wassail, egg-nog or spiced rum. Isn’t it grand that so many holiday traditions include drinking heavily! Coincidence? I think not.
Blessings of light that peeks through the darkness!

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