Dear Republicat Voters of the Front Range and Plains,

Please pay close attention to the amendments and referendums on the ballot. They’re tricky.

And please check events carefully as there are many oddities this month. Just trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Monday, Nov 3rd – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover Ln, Fort Collins – Focus on “Basir,” “All Seeing” – by donation

!!! VOTE !!! – Tuesday, Nov 4th – !!! VOTE !!!

Tuesday, Nov 4th – Mama Sing – 10 AM – Greyrock Commons (2265 Shooting Star Ln, Fort Collins) – women and children making joyful noises unto the lord(s), and lady(ies) and all our relations!

Tuesday, Nov 4th – NO DANCE AT GREYROCK!!! – I figure y’all will be glued to the radio, television, computers, or whiskey bottles while we await the presidential election results.

Friday, Nov 7th – Chant – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13, Fort Collins – $7 suggested donation

Monday, Nov 10th – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover – Focus on “Hakam,” “The Judge” – by donation

Tuesday, Nov 11th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7 PM – Sunrise Ranch (5569 NCR 29, Loveland) – $5 suggested donation

Wednesday, Nov 12th – Full Moon Ritual – 7 PM – 5000 Boardwalk #13 – RSVP required – adults only please and thank you, no, really, thank you – $10 suggested donation

Friday, Nov 14th – Chant – 7 PM – Greyrock Commons (I hope. I’ll let you know if not. If you don’t hear otherwise, this is the plan.) – $7 suggested donation

Sunday, Nov 16th – Singin’ Sisters Performance – 2 PM – Avogadro’s Number (605 S Mason, Fort Collins) – This is the first totally open-to-the-public performance by the women’s chorus we formed in April of this year. Please come on out and hear what we’ve been up to! – by donation

Sunday, Nov 16th – Dance of Universal Peace – 7:15 PM – Studio Soma (2540 W 29th Ave., Denver) – $8-$12 suggested donation

Monday, Nov 17th – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover – Focus on “Adl,” “The Just” – by donation

Tuesday, Nov 18th – Charge of the Goddess Dance Cycle – 7:15 PM – Greyrock Commons – $7 suggested donation

Monday, Nov 24th – Sufi Circle – 9:30 AM – 449 Clover – Focus on “Latif,” “The Gracious” – by donation

Tuesday, Nov 25th – NO WOMEN’S DANCE IN DENVER – sorry ladies. Dance will resume in December.

QUESTION: Are you folks interested in an evening of dancing The Charge of the Goddess? It’s been awhile and I’ve been starting to think it’s time. Lemme know, would ya? We could hold it November 18th instead of the usual Greyrock dance, or look ahead to some evening in December…

INSTRUCTION: When stung by a wasp, follow these steps…

1.  Remove the stinger if the little bugger left it in your foot…

2. Apply ice, but not directly because that hurts just as bad as the malicious little demon’s sting…

3. Make a goopy paste out of baking soda and water to smear on your skin but only where the sting went. It won’t do any good anywhere else. Well, it’s good for your teeth too. I don’t know what this is supposed to do for stings really, but it makes you feel better to think you’re doing something natural and wholesome and proactive to keep from crying…

4. Find the sadistic insect’s mother and ask her (very politely) to have a stern conversation with her brutish child about the social inappropriateness of attacking poor, helpless giants and giantesses who can’t help that they’re big clumsy oafs.


To RSVP for full moon ritual, for directions or more information about any of these events, or to donate a pair of eyeglasses or old cell phones to help wasp sting victims, please call or e-mail (970)227-5275 or rain@trigoddess.org.

Thank you, thank you very much.

Pumpkin Pie and Cranberry Sauce Blessings!

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