what do you say to an angry witch?

Speaking of April,

A joke, compliments of Teva, my son:

What’s worse than raining cats and dogs?

Hailing taxis! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Tomorrow, Friday, March 31st – 7 PM –
Chanting, chanting, chanting… – 449 Clover Lane – by donation


Saturday, April 1st – all day – April
Fool’s Day – play pranks on your children, pets, spouses and
unsuspecting neighbors. Everyone loves having their faces painted while they
sleep, finding their cell phones and keys in the laundry hamper, discovering
their shampoo has been replaced with dishwashing detergent, and noticing their
cars unexplainably moved one block north.


Tuesday, April 4th – 10 AM – Momma
Sing – Greyrock Commons (off of Liberty Drive in Fort Collins) – a
chanting circle for new and expectant mommas. Children are welcome!


Another Teva joke: If all you have is a truck, where do you

In the bed! Tee-hee-hee!


Tuesday, April 4th – 7:15 PM – Dance
of Universal Peace – River Rock 520 N Sherwood, Fort Collins – $7
suggested donation


Friday, April 7th – 5 PM – Beltane
planning meeting – 449 Clover Lane – potluck, bring food/drink to
share. The Beltane gathering is the largest yearly celebration. Please come
help with the visioning, planning and preparations! If you’re interested
in helping but can’t make this meeting, let me know and I’ll set a
time to meet with you. 


Friday, April 7th – 7 PM – Chant
– 449 Clover Lane – by donation


One more Teva joke: What did the horse say when the farmer
walked past his stall with the horse’s lunch?



Tuesday, April 11th – 7 PM – Dance of
Universal Peace – Sunrise Ranch 5569 NCR 29, Loveland (near Masonville)
– $5 suggested donation


Thursday, April 13th – 7 PM – Full
Moon Ritual – 449 Clover Lane – adults only – RSVP – by


Friday, April 21st – 7 PM – Chant
– 449 Clover Lane – by donation


All right, one more Teva joke: Why did the man put a clock
under his desk?

Because he wanted to work overtime! Bwa ha ha!!!


Tuesday April 25th – 7 PM –
Women’s Dance of Universal Peace – St. Barnabas Church in Denver
(southeast corner of 13th and Vine) – $6 suggested donation


Monday, May 1st – 5:30 PM – Beltane
– located in Treehenge (just east of Lee Martinez Park in Fort Collins)
– family friendly – RSVP – by donation


It’s looking like a very full, rich and beautiful
month of circles!

If you need directions, more information or sweater knitting
instructions, please feel free to contact me at (970)224-4797 or e-mail rain@trigoddess.org.

If you get caught in the act of any above listed pranks,
don’t blame me.

By signing my name at the end of this e-mail correspondence
I hereby negate any and all responsibility for y’all’s

See you in circle!



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