Ostara and Full Moon


There is still a chant on Clover Lane scheduled for tomorrow
(Friday) night and a Women’s Dance of Universal Peace in Denver on the 28th.



If you are planning to attend the full moon ritual Tuesday,
March 14th, please wear something “Celtic.” That could
mean green, plaid, or whatever FEELS Celtic to you. Mandy is facilitating the
ritual. It begins at 7 PM at 449 Clover Lane in Fort Collins. If you feel so
inclined, bring a light potluck food/drink to share after the ritual. Donations
are always appreciated and never expected.



If you are planning to attend the Ostara ritual Monday,
March 20th, please RSVP to Christine:



The ritual will be at Lyle’s house (THANK YOU, LYLE!!)
– 135 Circle Drive in Fort Collins.

Show up at 5:30 PM for a potluck dinner or

Show up at 6:30 for ritual.

Please bring food/drink to share, dishes, silverware, etc.
for yourself, a bouquet of flowers, drums, kids, money for the donation basket
(as you wish), and an extra dose of spring spirit!


Have a very merry Full Moon and Ostara!

I look forward to celebrating with you next month!



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