Men’s Circle, now forming

Men’s Circle

Dear Men, Just the Men, 

I have an unusual invitation for you. 
Based on some recent conversations and experiences, I have been reflecting on the need and/or longing that some men have, a desire to develop a stronger, more consistent, deep, healthy, harmonious, rich relationship with the Divine Feminine. 
You might think of Her as Goddess, Divine Mother, the Feminine Face of God. You may call Her by one of Her Infinite Names, or you may simply feel Her as a Presence. Perhaps She seems remote, inaccessible, mysterious, unattainable, or unfathomable. Or maybe you have a powerful, consistent relationship with Her and want to tend to it with more devotional focus. 

Beginning in January, I will be hosting a Men’s Circle, a series of 9 gatherings, exclusively for men, specifically on the relationship with the Divine Feminine. 

This circle will be a group of men who wish to share the adventure, bring an open-hearted curiosity, a sincere desire to be mutually respectful, welcoming, safe and honest with other men. It will be an opportunity for spiritually minded men to discuss, discover, and develop a more integrated path, inclusive of the Divine Feminine. 

I will not be “teaching,” but will serve as facilitator. My intention is to open the space, hold the group process, and support the participants with a welcoming spirit of friendship. I will offer guidelines and help maintain a focused container, inviting participants to meet each other and co-create a fruitful experience, individually and collectively. 

If you are a man, and if you would like to spend more time weaving the Divine Feminine into your life, your spiritual practice, your heart, and your prayers, please consider joining this circle. 

Beginning January 3rd, 2024
We will meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month
for 9 months
4 PM Mountain Time
90 minutes 
on a zoom

All participants will commit to being present for all 9 sessions. 
This will be a confidential space. 

If you would like to be part of this experience, please contact me directly for the zoom link before December 21st. 

Please be aware, this process is intended to function as a “circle,” meaning that there will be a balance of sharing, equality, and respect for all. 
The group will be interfaith and inclusive. It will focus on the personal relationship with the Divine Feminine from any, all, or no, faith or religious background. 

If you are reading this message and feel a resonance with the idea, but don’t resonate with the form, please take the idea and create a structure that you can share in your own way, in your own community. Perhaps there is a great, blossoming need for this intention to take many different shapes and serve many more people! 

If you would love to join a Men’s Circle with me, but cannot meet at this scheduled time, please contact me. It is likely I will shape a second circle at a different day and time to meet the needs of more beloved men! 

I look forward to hearing from you, welcoming you to the circle, and sharing a grand adventure with you! 

All Love and Blessings,