Dear Ones,
The Summer Solstice is nearly here!! Can you feel it? Is it pulsing through your veins and radiating from your skin? Let’s hear it for the light! Hip, hip, hurray, hip, hip, hu-Ra-Ra-Ra!! 

This evening, Thursday, June 16th – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Friday UTC) – In an Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – readings and conversation about the teachings of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan, along with a splash of music, wazifa, and a Holy Doughnut – Join us if you wish: Zoom Here! 

Tomorrow evening, Friday, June 17th – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM Saturday UTC) – Zikr, Zikr, Zikr – singing and repeating beautiful phrases, names and prayers of remembrance…forget self, remember Self – Bill Burlage will be drumming with me, yay! – If you want to come over to my house and have our voices in the same room, let me know – Or Zoom Here! 

Sunday, June 19th – Sing praises to the Father in the Heavens and the fathers on the earth…

Monday, June 20th – 9:30 AM Mountain (3:30 PM UTC) – Sufi Meditation – want to join me in my home for this? let me know… or Zoom Here! 

Monday, June 20th – Universal Worship Service in honor of the Summer Solstice – led by Cherag Rahima Jodie Rain – 4 PM Mountain (12 AM Tuesday UTC) – Rahima is hosting these quarterly Interfaith services to welcome and celebrate the wisdom and Truth shining through all the world’s religions. You are invited to join us in our home/yard (RSVP to me or Rahima: or join the zoom:
passcode: UWS

Thursday, June 23rd – Eastern Rose Garden – 7 PM Mountain – Zoom Here! 

Monday, June 27th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain – Zoom Here! 

Thursday, June 30th – Eastern Rose Garden – 7 PM Mountain – Zoom Here! 

Friday, July 1st – 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Saturday UTC) – Chant, pray, chant, pray, chant… – interfaith musics  – R – us! – Let me know if you want to join me in person… or Zoom Here! 

Sunday, July 3rd – 10 AM Mountain (4 PM UTC) – Dance leader training zoom! – let me know if you have requests… Zoom Here! 

Monday, July 4th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (3:30 PM UTC) – yes, it’s a national holiday in the U.S….no, it doesn’t change my plans. Come on over if you wish…or Zoom Here! 

Tuesday, July 5th – Urs of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan – afternoon/evening – I’m not sure yet how I’ll be honoring this sacred occasion, but I will and you are invited to join me…sometime in the evening…maybe as early as 5 PM…until…maybe as late as 10 PM…I’ll do something or other in person and online…maybe a Sufi class…maybe some zikr…maybe some meditation…maybe some yellow roses…(for sure yellow roses…and cake!) – Mark your calendar and stay tuned. 

Wednesday, July 6th – Sufi Guides Kinship meeting – for several years now I’ve been organizing a monthly conversation for Sufi teachers who would like to talk with each other about some of the trials, tribulations, triumphs, tricks and traps of being a spiritual mentor and friend for others…I am now opening this up for Sufi teachers from any lineage stream that traces its inspiration to Inayat Khan – monthly meetings, drop-in…10 AM Mountain (4 PM UTC) – contact me for more info and zoom link. 

Thursday, July 7th – Eastern Rose Garden – 7 PM Mountain – Zoom Here! … 

Friday, July 8th – Chant and Pray – 7 PM Mountain – in my home or Zoom Here! … 

Monday, July 11th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain – in my home or Zoom Here! … 

Thursday, July 14th – Eastern Rose Garden – 7 PM Mountain – Zoom Here! … 

Friday, July 15th – Zikr for the WIN!! – 7 PM Mountain – in my home…or maybe I’ll have found a good venue for it…or Zoom Here! … 

Daily Prayers are still chugging right along – 12 PM Mountain (6 PM UTC) – 15 minutes of prayer, practice and music… – join us any day you wish: Zoom Here! 

Illuminated Presence Sufi and Zikr Retreat – September 8 to 12 – Buckhorn Camp in Bellvue, CO – a sweet opportunity to swim around in Sufi teachings and practices with me in the glorious Rocky Mountains with phenomenal meals catered by our dear friend, Stephen! – $300 covers all food and lodging. Registration is open here:

Youtube channel for Chant and Pray recordings: Sára’s YouTube
OneDrive with daily zikr/song from our noon prayer zooms: Zikr Downloads

The most beautiful song…for your healing, encouragement, tender-hearted humanness!

Love and Deep Peace to All,