Peace…only peace…

Dear Community,
As we see life unfolding with human beings continuing to cause each other tremendous harm, wars being waged, and many of us feeling helpless, sad and bewildered…
Please join us in prayers for peace all day every day…and in a specific, musical, collective, tangible, beautiful way this evening.

Tonight, our usual Chant and Pray evening will be focused on Peace, intentions for peace as they are woven through many, many wisdom traditions, our inner peace, blessings for peace, compassion and harmony between nations, between human beings…peace for all. War is never the answer. Never has been. Never will be. Peace. Peace from the beginning. Peace now and always.
Tonight, Friday, February 25th, 7 PM Mountain (2 AM Saturday UTC)
RSVP if you want to come to my home and sing with us. Or Zoom Here!  

Monday, February 28th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MST (4:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to come over, or Zoom Here!  

Thursday, March 3rd – Sufi 101 Conversation with Sára – There are several people recently finding us and wanting to know more about this weird Sufi stuff. Feel welcome to join me for this group chat. I’ll do my best to answer questions, describe what this unique Sufi Ruhaniat lineage is about, and hang out with you in the unknown! – 2 PM Mountain (9 PM UTC) –

Thursday, March 3rd – Eastern Rose Garden – Sufi class – a bit of prayer, a bit of music, some readings from my Sufi hero and some conversation – All are welcome! – 7 PM MST (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!   

Friday, March 4th – Chant, Pray – 7 PM MST (2 AM Saturday UTC) – RSVP to join me in person, or Zoom Here!   

March 4th: March Fourth:

March 6th – Dance Leader Training Zoom – this monthly zoom is for anyone on the path to lead dances, and/or any of you who just want to learn more of the music, background, elements of mastery, attunement to this interfaith practice, etc. Drop in if you wish, or get in touch with me if you need more info or more specific guidance – 10 AM MST (5 PM UTC) – Zoom Here!  – gratitudinal offerings welcome here:

Monday, March 7th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MST (4:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to come over, or Zoom Here!  

Thursday, March 10th – Eastern Rose Garden – 7 PM MST (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!  

Friday, March 11th – Chant, Pray – 7 PM MST (2 AM Saturday UTC) – RSVP for in person at my house – or Zoom Here!  

Sunday, March 13th – It’s semi-national break your clock day!

Monday, March 14th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MST (3:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to come over, or Zoom Here!  

Thursday, March 17th – Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM UTC) 

Saturday, March 19th – Zikr in Denver – 7 PM Mountain (1 AM UTC) – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center – I’m seriously thinking about cancelling, moving, or re-envisioning Zikr. Shall I? What is important to you about Zikr? The circle has been quite small the last couple months and I don’t want to keep paying rent and making the drive if it’s not serving the community’s desires. Please chime in. 

Sunday, March 20th – Rahima is leading a Universal Worship Service for the Spring Equinox. Hurray! – More details coming… but please plan to spend an hour of the afternoon with Rahima and the guiding wisdom of all faith traditions. I think it’ll be at 1 PM Mountain…

Monday March 21st – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM Mountain (3:30 PM UTC) – RSVP to join me in person or  Zoom Here!  

Thursday, March 24th – Eastern Rose Garden – 7 PM Mountain…

Friday, March 25th – Chant and Pray – 7 PM Mountain… 

Chant Retreat May 5th to 9th (Thursday to Monday) – registration is open:

Sufi Retreat in Germany “Rose Petals Touching Ground” – more info here:

Daily prayer zooms – 12 PM Mountain (6 or 7 PM UTC, relative to daylight saving) – 15 minutes of prayers – Zoom Here!  

My Youtube channel: Sára’s YouTube
My OneDrive link with daily zikr/song: Zikr Downloads

With Infinite Prayers for Peace, Peace, Peace…