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Hello Community!
Matara (my beautiful daughter) is visiting and keeping the fire blazing in the wood stove. Pretty nice. I hope each of you have your own lovely version of cozy contentedness. 
Shall we read and sing and pray and keep marveling at the wonders of life while snow, sunshine and slivers of new moons vie for our adoration? Yep. 

Thursday, February 3rd – In an Eastern Rose Garden – Murshid’s teachings along with music, discussion, and friends on the path – 7 PM MST (2 AM Friday UTC) – I’m probably going to make doughnuts in order to avoid going out in the snow…or just for the fun of it! – Zoom Here!  

Friday, February 4th – Chant, Pray, Repeat – Interfaith musical mandala in honor of Pir-O-Murshid Inayat Khan’s Urs and the Unity of Religious Ideals – 7 PM MST – (2 AM Saturday, UTC) – Join us on the zoom or let me know if you want to come sing with us in our home – Zoom Here!  

Sunday, February 6th – Dance Leader Training, musical mentorship – 10 AM MST (5 PM UTC) – bring in instrument (if you like) – RSVP if you plan to join us – send me your song/dance requests ahead of time. I choose three or four each month. Let me know if you’d like to join me in person…or jump on the Zoom Here!  

Monday, February 7th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MST (4:30 PM UTC) – one hour of prayer, learning and reciting a Beautiful Name of God – all are welcome – come in person or on the Zoom Here!  

Thursday, February 10th – Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM MST (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!  

Friday, February 11th – Unveiling the Beloved – Khabir and I sharing stories, music, teachings and practices on the theme of love, love, love…nothing but love…always love…only love… – 10 AM to 12 PM MST (plus our daily 15 minute zoom) – 6 PM to 8 PM in Germany (5 PM UTC) – Zoom Here!   
And we appreciate your generosity and support through this paypal link:

Monday, February 14th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MST (4:30 PM UTC) – Zoom Here!   or let me know if you want to come join us in person. 

Thursday, February 17th – Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM MST (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!   

Saturday, February 19th – Zikr in Denver (and on zoom) – 7 PM MST (2 AM Sunday UTC) – join us for supper at 5 or 5:30 PM at Mad Greens if you wish – Zikr at the Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (1939 S Monroe St.) – $15 to $30 suggested donation – or join us on Zoom Here!   

Monday, February 21st – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MST (4:30 PM UTC) – come on over or Zoom Here!  

Thursday, February 24th – Eastern Rose Garden Class – 7 PM MST (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!  

Friday, February 25th – Chant, Pray – 7 PM MST (2 AM Saturday UTC) – RSVP if you want to come over…or Zoom Here!  

Monday, February 28th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM MST (4:30 PM UTC) – in my home…or Zoom Here!  

Thursday MARCH 3rd (OMG, MARCH!!) – Eastern Rose Garden Sufi Class – 7 PM MST (2 AM Friday UTC) – Zoom Here!  

Friday March Forth/Fourth – Chant, Pray – 7 PM … 

CHANT RETREAT!! I love chant retreat! Singing together day in and day out for days on end…heaven!  – May 5 to 9 (Thursday to Monday) – at Sunshine Mountain Lodge (near Estes Park) – Interfaith music, prayer, dance, and friendship – Maximum capacity is 27. Registration is open now – Catered vegetarian meals – Full payment $333 covers lodging and meals – Here’s the link to sign up:

Sufi Retreat in Germany – Rose Petals Touching Ground – June 3 to 7 – More info here:

Daily prayer zooms keep going and going… 12 PM MST (7 PM UTC) – 15 minutes of prayer, breath practice, music and beloved friends – all are welcome – Zoom Here!  

Here’s the Youtube channel for our chant, dance, pray stuff: Sára’s YouTube
And the OneDrive link for the daily zikr/song: Zikr Downloads

I wanted to give you something hilarious or inspiring…or gorgeous and bizarre…and I’m a total sucker for figure skaters! Here you go:
With Big Blessing Juju!