no one ever said life was fair

Dear Friend,
I hope you heard the story on NPR about the zoo that was raising funds on Valentine’s Day with the following campaign: name a cockroach after your ex and have it fed to a meerkat, live-streamed on the internet, of course.
Made me laugh. Alternatively… we always have the invitation to focus on love, love, love, love, love…

Thursday, February 14th – a continuation of God’s holiday, which is every day, love, love, love, love, nothing but love, love, love… and if you can’t feel the love, I invite you to settle for lots of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…

Friday, February 15th – Dance of Universal Peace in Boulder – 7 PM – with me and Khadijah – 5001 Pennsylvania Ave – and I am so sorry for putting the wrong address in a recent mailer! Yikes! – suggested donation $10

Saturday, February 16th – Pre-Zikr dinner – 5:30 PM – Zoës Kitchen, at the corner of Colorado and Buchtel (2023 S Colorado Blvd Suite 101) – this is different than what I said before… please meet us at Zoës if you like.

Saturday, February 16th – Zikr in Denver – 7 PM – I do love the Zikr evenings! – 1939 S Monroe St – $10 suggested donation and dessert/snack potluck

Monday, February 18th – Sufi Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

Attendance at the Ft Collins Dance has been sparse… RSVP to me if you plan to attend the Dance of Universal Peace, Thursday, February 21st – 7 PM
If I hear from enough of you by Tuesday, February 19th, we’ll carry on. If not, I’ll cancel it – Unity Church, 1401 W Vine – $10 suggested

Monday, February 25th – Sufi Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

Friday, March 1st – Boulder Dance of Universal Peace with Khadijah Abby Highland and Suriya Willow Brook… HURRAY!! – I’ll be out of town, but these amazing young women will be leading the dance! Please come support them and enjoy their excellent leadership! – Unitarian Church 5001 Pennsylvania Ave, Boulder – 7 PM – $10 suggested donation

NO MEDITATION AT MY HOUSE Monday, March 4th… you can do it on your own.

Thursday, March 7th – Chant – 7 PM – Unity Church, 1401 W Vine, FC – $10 suggested

Friday, March 8th – Women’s Circle – 7 PM – Unity Church, 1401 W Vine, FC – $10 to $20 suggested

Saturday, March 9th – Denver Zikr – 7 PM – 1939 S Monroe St – $10 suggested and dessert/snack potluck
(NOTE: this is a reschedule from our usual rhythm in light of Pir Shabda’s visit)

Sunday, March 10th – time to break the clocks again. Spring forward!

Monday, March 11th – Sufi Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM (for real)

And… looking ahead… get signed up!

March 15 to 17 – Pir Shabda and Pir Netanel Miles-Yepez at Naropa (Nalanda Campus) in Boulder… more info:

March 22 to 24 – still working on details… I’ll be leading some chant, dance, Zikr, etc. in Jackson Hole, WY and Driggs ID… stay tuned!

April 12 to 14 – Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz at the StarHouse in Boulder – more info and registration here:

May 2 to 5 – Women’s Chant Retreat with Rabbi Shefa Gold and Sára Rain – Buckhorn Camp, Bellvue, CO – more info and registration here:

May 17 and 18 – Sufi Workshop in Boulder and Denver with Devi Tide and Sára Rain – more details coming soon…

June 20 to 23 – MeadowFest – Campout with Sára and friends – Jack’s Gulch… more info and registration here:

October 10 to 13 – The Art of Being and Becoming Sufi retreat with Sára Rain – more details coming soon…

You know how people parade snowflakes as the standard of uniqueness? I wonder why we don’t use the example of popcorn instead, each kernel exploding open in its own unique burst of “I AM-ness.” I’d like to advocate for a popcorn metaphor. Fingerprints, snowflakes, popcorn kernels. I know my preference.

Blessings of this ambitious quarter moon to you!