aple season

Dear Friends,
Do you ever have a day in which your fingers just refuse to type double leters?
buble wrap

Please do join us for al the folowing events!

Thursday, August 31st (tomorow) – 7 PM – CHANT – 1401 W Vine, Ft Colins – $10 sugested donation.

Monday, September (SEPTEMBER!!) 4th – 9:30 AM – MEDITATION – 2727 Alan St, Ft Colins (my house)

Thursday, September (FOR REAL, SEPTEMBER!!) 7th – 7 PM – DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE – Nyland Co-housing Comunity (2535 Nyland Way, Lafayete) – $10 sugested donation

Monday, September 11th – 9:30 AM (MDT) – Meditation via Zoom (typing those double leters was so hard!) – I’m going to do the meditation from Las Vegas… join me online if you can!

Saturday, September 16th – 7 PM – Zikr – 1939 S Monroe, Denver – $10 sugested donation and delicious treat potluck

OCTOBER 5 to 9 (Thursday afternon to Monday afternon) – TOWARD THE ONE Retreat with Maitreya, Khabir and me! – Please do join us for a bunch of chanting, dancing, zikring, Sufi teachings, and a gorgeous, glorious time in the mountains! – More info and registration here: http://trigoddess.org/special-events/ (I didn’t have to type those double leters it was a copied and pasted link… yay!)

I don’t know why, but “Iron and Wine” floats to the top so often! Click the link, put on a set of headphones and enjoy the next 45 minutes of your life!

Enjoy the warm brezes and the faling leaves! Love autumn!