Dear Community,
Coming right up:

Chant, Sunday, February 26th7 PM – 1401 W Vine, Fort Collins – $10 suggested donation

Meditation, Monday, February 27th9:30 AM – 2727 Alan St, Fort Collins

NO DANCE THURSDAY MARCH 2nd – I’ve changed my mind.

Meditation, Monday March 6th9:30 AM – Alan St

LAST FORT COLLINS DANCE EVER – Thursday, March 9th7:30 PM – 1401 W Vine – $10 suggested – some of our delightful friends from out of town will be visiting our dance circle this evening… please join us for a last hurrah of the Fort Collins Thursday evening Dance circle.
I might schedule some other rhythm for dances… but right now… I’m done.

NO MEDITATION at my house Monday, March 13th. Do not come over here. Tim has specific instructions to keep the door locked and not let anyone have any coffee.

Chant in Denver – Saturday March 18th2 PM to 4 PM – location will be disclosed shortly…

Dinner in Denver – Saturday March 18th5 PM… somewhere or other between chant and zikr…

Zikr in Denver – Saturday March 18th7 PM – 1939 S Monroe St – $10 suggested donation and dessert potluck

Caravan to the see the Goddess… more info here:

Also… are y’all on facebook?
I encourage you to go to this page and click “like”:
I’m trying to consolidate communication streams… that’ll help, I hope.
You are also welcome to visit my page. I post a weekly reflection on a Beautiful Name of God, as well as some event announcements:

In case you are tempted to start planting your Colorado garden… DON’T DO IT!!! It’s freaking freezing out there in the snow… last frost is officially May 15th. I’m not making that up.

That is all.