Retreats in 2017

Dear Community,
2017 is almost here, praise Jesus! And it’s time to fill up the 2017 calendar with all the good juju we can squeeze into it!


These are the things on my calendar that you might (probably do) want to include on yours:

February 11 and 12 – Dance and Sufi Shenanigans with me, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming… Yep! Grand Tetons, here we come! Details are still being worked out… stay tuned…

March 31 to April 4 – Caravan to the Desert – Our yearly trip to the Temple of Sekhmet in Nevada – two travel days… plus three full days at the temple, ritualing, chanting, drumming, and doing helpful projects to support the land and the community. More info here:

June 22 to 25 – MeadowFest – Pagan-esque campout at Jack’s Gulch – casual community campout, rituals, chanting, drumming, evening fires, pancake breakfast, potluck dinner… sweet time in nature with kindred souls. More info here:

July 16 to 23 – Mendocino Sufi Camp – I’m on staff this year, Yay! – more info here:

October 5 to 9 – Toward the One retreat in Colorado with me, Maitreya Jon Stevens, and Khabir Christian Mayer-Glauninger – Sufi stuff, dances, zikr, teachings, and time in the exquisite Rocky Mountains – Camp Santa Maria, near Bailey, CO – more info here:

Looking forward to a beautiful year of community connections and spiritual fulfillment.
With joy,