Dance Leaders?

Hi Community!
Here’s a super happy announcement for you!


Are you a Dance of Universal Peace leader?
Would you like to be?
You can!

Dance Leader Cooperative now forming!
A group of Dance of Universal Peace leaders and leaders-in-training.

Sára Rain is the mentor for this group
(and for some of the individuals in the group as well).
This group is open to anyone and everyone interested in being part!
It is absolutely NOT required for anyone to play an instrument. Ever.
If you don’t want. Ever.
Come one, come all!

Meetings and dances are all held at
Unity Church in Fort Collins: 1401 W Vine

2nd Thursday of each month, starting August 11th, 2016
Group meets at 6 PM (PROMPTLY)
This meeting is the program planning, prepping and practicing time.
Each participant will choose dances to lead the FOLLOWING week.
Recordings can be made (audio, video, written) for use during the week.
Plan to stay for the usual weekly dance starting at 7:30.
Sára will be the primary leader for that one.


3rd Thursday of the month
Group meets again at 6:30 (PROMPTLY)
Review, rehearse, and refine… and…
Group will lead the weekly dance that night!

Interested? Have questions? Want to talk things over with Sára?
Give a call or e-mail: (970)227-5275 or



General Guidelines

1.      All participants in the cooperative are asked to make a dedicated effort to attend the full duration of both meetings, and to participate fully in the dance program led by the group.

2.      It is understood that Sára is the boss. She is responsible for making any executive decisions, shaping expectations and requirements for the group. What she says goes. Because she’s just like that.

3.      Group-led dances will focus primarily on “foundational” dance material, published dances. While there is some space for dance leaders to create their own dances, and the creative process is encouraged… “original” dances will comprise, at most, 1/3 of the dances led by any individual leader.

4.      When Sára is out-of-town, ill, or otherwise unavailable to lead the usual Thursdayevening dance, substitute leaders will be assigned from within the Dance Leader Cooperative.

5.      There is no expectation or need for anyone to be officially affiliated with the Dances of Universal Peace… and… that is available for anyone who wishes it. That also means it is not necessary for anyone to have an official “mentor.” And… if you do have a mentor, other than Sára, it would be most appropriate and respectful to let your mentor know if you want to participate in this Cooperative.

6.      Sára will offer feedback and support for the group-led dance in any ways possible and desired.