monthly caesars (July and August)

Hi Friends!
Oh, life is a tremendous mystery! Best laid plans and all that…

Please do NOT go to my house for meditation Monday (tomorrow) OR August 3rd. I won’t be there… Feel free to engage in the meditation practice on your own…

Please DO join us Thursday, the 30th for Dance – 7:30 PM – Unity Church (1401 W Vine, Fort Collins) – $10 suggested.

Please do NOT go to dance at Unity August 6th.

Good golly… you should see all the multi-colored moving targets on my calendar!

Are you planning to join us for the Women’s Retreat September 18 to 21? Please DO register! Leilah and I are looking so forward to being with all of you!

Guess what I saw this week! A foot-long banana slug! I kid you not! They are slithering very patiently and determinedly all over the redwood forest floor! Woo-hoo for banana slugs!

Guess what I did not see this week. The Rocky Mountains. I’m on my way!
Love to all,