Dear Community,
My sincere apologies for teasing you with the “cottonwood” mailer, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the hot springs and everything entirely to do with the literal, roots, trunks and branches and fat, juicy buds of the actual cottonwood trees, which are aching to burst into springy leaf!

And now… those silly pending blossoms are trying desperately to stay warm while snow is piling high and sticking with great joy to those sticky buds. And the crocuses, which are always in such a gosh darn hurry to bloom are scolding themselves for not being more patient! And the squirrels are getting feisty, as are all the neighborhood cats.
Speaking of which… have you been to visit The Denver Cat Company?
Super sweet place! Highly recommend!

Monday, February 23 – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – 2727 Alan St Fort Collins

Thursday, February 26th – ZIKR – 7:30 PM – 1401 W Vine Dr, Fort Collins – $10 suggested donation – this evening, instead of the usual Dance, we’ll do all Zikr all evening! – Sufi, Sufi, Ya Ya Ya!!!

Monday, March 2nd – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – Alan St – Facilitated by Jodie Rahima… or you can join me at Sandy Beach on Oahu… same time… same format!

Thursday, March 5th – Dance of Universal Peace – 1401 W Vine – led by Suriya Willow Brook! And I think Jodie Rahima will be in the mix as well! Y’all are so lucky! 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Monday, March 9th – Sufi Meditation – 9:30 AM – Alan St – with me!

Thursday, March 12th – Dance on Vine Dr with me! – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Friday, March 13th (Friday the 13th!) we leave for the Goddess temple in Nevada.

Monday, March 16th – we’ll do our meditation in the temple… or you can tune in through the ethers from wherever you are!

Thursday, March 19th – Dance on Vine with me! – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Saturday, March 21st – Zikr in Denver – 7 PM – Rocky Mountain Miracle Center (1939 S Monroe) – $5 suggested and dessert potluck

Monday, March 23rd – Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

Thursday, March 26th – Dance on Vine – 7:30 PM – $10 suggested

Monday, March 30th – Meditation at my house – 9:30 AM

CHANT and DANCE RETREAT with me and Allaudin Ottinger – April 24 to 26 – time to sign up is now! Here’s the link:

A blessing for you today:
May your car’s bumpers prove unnecessary.
May your pulse stay between 60 and 100 bpm.
May everyone in the whole wide world learn to play the banjo.
Happy, happy!